12 Offbeat Chemistry Essay Topics

As a science student, it is not out of place if you are required by your teacher to write essays on various subjects and topics, including essay about chemistry. How well you write your essay determines the level of grades you will achieve. For this reason, it becomes necessary that you only settle for unique and offbeat topics. This way, you can be sure of drawing the attention of your tutor and also, your essay would surely find its place in your school’s library since it would be highly authoritative.

If this is what you wish to experience, then you should not hesitate to settle for topics that might be considered strange or weird. Here are some offbeat topics for your chemistry academic paper. They are as follows:

  • An analysis of the chemicals that trigger certain food allergies
  • Plastic packaging – A look at its effect on the contents
  • An understanding of the chemistry behind diet sodas and how they affect the bone structure
  • Deficiency of vitamins in humans – A look at its causes and consequences
  • An analysis of the use of sugars for batteries
  • Carbon dioxide – An evaluation of how to capture and make use of it
  • An overview of the effects of pesticides on run-off soil
  • Understanding the impact of acid rain on the immediate environment and the plants
  • An analysis of the impact of fluoride in community rivers, wells, and lakes
  • An evaluation of the chemical composition of lava rocks
  • Liquid bandages – Understanding the chemistry behind it
  • An analysis of pheromones and its effects on humans

Truth be told, it is not easy coping as a science student, especially with all the calculations and modifications involved in various researches, especially in a chemistry essay. The safest bet is to choose an interesting topic for your academic paper. With this part solved through the provision of the titles above, the next thing you should know about is how to gather the information that will be used in writing the essay.

Apart from your textbooks, you can also find good information in your written notebooks, various online sources, and the school’s writing centre, if there is one. You can also reach out to your older siblings who are science students to give you ideas on how best to write your academic paper on chemistry. Having chosen any of the topics, you should have your first draft written before settling down to polish same. In polishing your finished academic paper, you should carefully go through it to determine the following:

  • Proper structure
  • Zero grammar mistakes
  • Zero spelling mistakes
  • Proper format

If you are able to adhere strictly to these tips and suggestions, then you can be sure of being successful in writing and submitting an authoritative paper to your tutor. Now it is time to do the first things first – choose any of the chemistry essay topics above and get down to writing your chemistry paper as soon as possible.