ESL Essay Writing Tactics And Strategies

Whether you are engaging in argumentative or persuasive esl essay writing, it would interest you to know that for you to successfully express your argument, you need to maintain a coherent structure for your academic paper. In order to do this, you should be able to carefully plan and execute certain tactics and strategies. This post will enlighten you on those tactics and strategies that millions of students have been able to effectively use in writing their ESL essays without any issues. Some of these tactics include but not limited to the following:

  • Work Around A Central Question: This is a strategy that has helped lots of students remain focused in their writing project. When you cultivate the habit of working around a central question, it makes everything go smoothly as it practically serves as the engine of the writing process. If you find out that you are not moving forward as you should in your writing, then you should consider rephrasing or changing your question.
  • Make Use Of 5 Paragraph Essay Structure: When a student has a clear structure upon which to base his or her essay for esl students, it works wonders in improving his or her confidence in what they can do. With each paragraph serving a particular purpose, it is easier for students to understand what to do. From the introduction to the body paragraphs and conclusion, the five-paragraph structure turns out to be excellent writing training wheels.
  • Have A Plan: One of the worst things that can happen in the course of writing any academic paper is not having any tangible plans in place. From the introduction of your essay to the conclusion, there should be a plan on how to make meaningful point with each given paragraph, including the body paragraphs. You can either use the linear or mind-mapping method of planning. As the writing progresses, you refer to your planning to ensure you are on point.
  • Do Your Research: There is absolutely no shortcut to getting your essay properly written and as such, you should be prepared to devote time to carrying out researches. You should have enough reliable data to back up whatever ideas or points you are making through your essay.

No matter the type of esl essay topics you might be working on, the above tactics and strategies will help you to stay on point and write amazing essays at the end of the day.