How to Write a College Essay? - Basic Tutorial for Students

A college essay is a kind of academic paper which students usually write when applying for the college they want to enter. It must be well organized, informative, and easy to understand.

What Format Should This Category of Writing Be?

The structure of this piece of writing is rather simple. You do not have to make your work too complex. Usually it has three main points.

  1. Introduction.
  2. State the topic and mention why you have chosen it. Explain the reason for writing your work.

  3. Main body.
  4. Support your point of view. Express your thoughts in an honest and clear way. Do not make it too long. A good story will have only 500-700 words.

  5. Conclusions.
  6. Summarize your work by making brief but thoughtful conclusions.

Step by Step Guidelines for Writing the Essay

In order to make your story perfect, use some ideas on how to organize your work from one stage to the next.

  1. Find out all the necessary requirements.
  2. It means you have to know the topic, length, and format of your composition.

  3. Decide on a topic.
  4. As a rule, the college will provide a topic. If you have to choose your own, give preference to something that truly interests you.

  5. Brainstorm the information.
  6. You will need some material to support your ideas. A good choice of information will help you create a compelling story.

  7. Think of an outline for your composition.
  8. An outline helps put your thoughts and words into one logical chain.

  9. Start writing.
  10. The points in your outline will guide you during your work. Each point will work well if you add some proofs, arguments and examples. All the sentences have to flow from one to the next and generally have a finished thought.

  11. Make conclusions.
  12. In this stage of your writing, you should not add any new information. Summarize the information you presented in your story and arrive at some conclusions.

  13. Make revisions.
  14. Reread your work and make sure it will grab people’s attention. When you see the whole picture, it is easy to notice all the good and bad points at the same time.

  15. Check for mistakes.
  16. Your work should be free of grammar and spelling mistakes.