Monday, March 25, 2013

Snow in March

 Tee - Kersh, thrifted
Cardigan - Simply Vera, thrifted
Red jeans - Divided, thrifted
Socks - sock dreams
Flats - Trippen Army

So yeah, it's snowing. I'm currently wearing a layered shirt under a sweater with my Frye boots while unhappily watching snow blow sideways outside the window. But I did manage to snap a picture of this look I wore over the weekend BEFORE it decided to be literally freezing outside. I usually like to post what I'm wearing the actual day I wear it, but oh well.

I liked this look a lot. I was happy to find my red pants still fit, and the blue striped shirt is one of my favorite weekend shirts. I mean, it's a great shirt, but it's one I reserve for ultra comfy days because it's so soft.

These shoes remain the most expensive thing in my wardrobe. I don't wear them as often as I could, but I still feel like they're worth every penny. I love the color, I love the leather, the straps, the comfort. In a dream world, I'd pony up the cash for these, but they'll have to remain a dream for now. 

Additionally I don't know why my leg looks like it's breaking in that picture. It's one of those days I guess.

I'm going to hide under a pile of blankets now... at least until I have to venture out for my worm dissection tonight. Boo, gross. 


  1. Stay warm! I am ready to be done with snow and cold.

  2. Grrrrrrrrrrr we had a blizzard this weekend too!!! Will it ever end???? I hope so but in the mean time, a pile of blankets sounds like a lovely way to pass the time. I love the red and blue today. That shirt DOES look super comfy.

  3. Ick to the snow. Today is the first Monday in several weeks it hasn't snowed here, which makes me so happy! Blankets sound heavenly though.

    I love your red pants! I was just thinking about how I haven't worn mine in awhile and now you've inspired me to do so!

  4. Oh god, snow. We got it this weekend, too. Boy, did we get it. Screw winter.

    Those flats are too much, and your red jeans make me happy!

  5. Um, good luck with the worm? Srsly, be safe and stay warm. Love the red jeans with the striped top!

  6. Ugh. As an animal-lover, I object to schools' dissection assignments. You can teach anatomy in non-lethal ways.

  7. EW! Snow! We have had sprinklings of snow lately, and while it's not uncharacteristic here, it's still depressing! Bright red pants cheer things up!

  8. Snow AND a worm dissection? You poor thing! I hope you have something to look forward to later this week and that the weather will change back to Spring!

  9. When I read the title of your post I knew this news would not be taken with a smile. I would definitely be buried under blankets too. But at least you look alive and spritely. Poor little wormies. I hope you do this well so you don't have to do it again!

  10. Snow! Wow, we didn't get any this year - looks like we dodged that wintery bullet!

    Love your red legs!

  11. Oh no, poor worms.

    My Mum has snow too - crazy for this time of year. Ah well, this outfit though is very nice, and your shoes look cute with the socks. The red trousers fit you so well.

    Keep warm!

  12. Worm dissection? Oh no. :( Thankfully, I had an excuse to avoid dissections when I was in school.

    Sorry to hear it's still snowing by you. Time for more hot chocolate?

  13. Worm dissection?? sounds exciting (not)
    We got the snow, too. It's been a miserable 40-50 degrees for weeks here.
    Love the red pants and striped top!!

  14. I totally need to find red jeans - yours are so cute! I love the print on the sweater too! I just refuse to acknowledge how cold it is here anymore. It's infuriating.

  15. We must have had parallel snow storms, cause I'm wanting to leap under the covers too. I see why you love the shoes; stylish, yet comfortable and yes, the color is great.

  16. No More Snow - Worms, No More Snow - Worms, No More Snow - Worms. How's that?

  17. Love your shorter and stylish har.


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