Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Drive of the Hungry

SPARKLE Tank - Karen Scott, thrifted
Jeans - NYDJ, thrifted
Bag - Haiku

Did I drive a 40 minute round trip to get Indian food? Yes, yes I did.

Some areas of the South are getting more gastronomically diverse, but it's mostly major cities and hipster-frou-frou-areas where the money is flowing. I've had a summer cold that's been kicking my butt, and my lack of appetite finally perked up, so I made the jaunt down to Shagor Indian to pick up enough food to feed me for a couple of days. Indian leftovers are the best. Like chili, they get better with time.

Small victories make my days better.

I also wanted to thank those who ordered from my Closet, and wanted to give a heads up that I still have some things left if you see something you like, let me know!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Shop My Closet

My size and style changing - so my readers can reap the rewards. Check out my little shop and give me a holler at Ecc3ntriccynic[at]gmail[dot]com if you're interested in anything. 
There's something for everyone from size Small to XL in my shop.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

So you don't have to: ThredUp

So I've been waiting a long while to do a review of this online consignment shop. Previously, I did a write up about LikeTwice, a similar company, seemingly geared to a different audience in my opinion, but the same core concept. I sent one bag to ThredUp with 13 items (12 clothes, 1 bag).

While waiting for my thredup bag to be received, I sent and cashed out on two separate Twice orders. (Results of those - both times only half my items were accepted. Both times, I received about $2 an item).

I finally, almost three months later got the offer for my items for a grand total of... $8. They only accepted four of my items. And they make you wait 14 days to withdraw the money to your paypal, instead of immediate payment. And then they take a 2% Paypal fee out. So in the end - BZZZZZT definitely skip.

I feel much better sending my items back to goodwill or local thrift stores than either of these options. I feel like my thrift karma is better than long waits only to have quality stuff rejected.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Depression Days: The Littlest Helper

I'm still slowly working on myself. Some days it's hard to tell whether I'm 'sick' or if it's physical symptoms of depression. I've got this possessive little monster that lives on my bed. He's been feeling a bit rough too (hairballs), so we're doing a weekend of television and napping.

Did I mention he's possessive and clingy? He drapes himself all over me.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Puddin pie: Tattoo 29ish

BLUE POPPIES. Or rather the beginning of them. I have a three session series going on, that will probably turn into more as I get the money to pay for it. We laid down the anchor poppies today, as well as touched up some of my black work here and there

Check it.

We also colored in grey-kitty because my skin was not playing nicely with the grey ink. I think the black looks wicked cool. Soon we'll be adding in blue smoke or something. Focus is currently on the left arm, then over to the right. By the end, I'll have full seamless sleeves.

LUCK - I happened upon these maaaaaarvelous Miista shoes. Sheila  owns a drool worthy pair of these wicked oxfords and my ebay trolling found me a pair! Surprisingly comfy for patent holographic leather. Definitely a brand to keep an eye on.

My accidental - shouldn't - be - thrifting - trip yielded these beautiful 'nude-for-me' Mephisto sandals. A brand which Patti had just been posting to her blog. Got these puppies for $6. While I'm not a big sandal wearer, sometimes I do want a pair. I also like how my tattoos peek out the sides.

Playing around with my webcam. Here's a crazy mandala thing of my tattoos

Also I played photobooth with Spike because he would NOT stop sitting/climbing/harrassing me. So adorable pictures ahoy.

Tattoos, cats, shoes. Can it get any better?

Monday, May 11, 2015

MMD: Bitchfaced

Shirt - Rugged Warehouse
Jeans - Free people, Philly
Boots - Strategia, Philly Buffalo Exchange

Damned case of resting bitchface. Nothing I could do about it. Rolled jeans, boots, and a loose top. I had a rough weekend. I did a temp job and the company didn't process payroll until two days after promised - which meant frustratingly putting everything from the weekend off until today. 

I tried to cope with some shopping, but I still came home frustrated and so-so. I did more shopping for the husband than myself. He just got a nearly full time job, and I'm super duper proud of him. It's thankfully given me some space to work on my own shit.

I've actually got two therapy sessions for this week. I've just been in a bad place. 

On the upside, I used to be so afraid of cowboy boots making me look like I have chicken ankles.

Well, guess what - I've got chicken ankles. And cowboy boots - look fucking fantastic on me.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Weekend Blurb

DH and I love recycling. We sell off our metal every few months or so. Our town doesn't do recycling the way a lot of cities do, but we're quite happy selling off drink and food cans. We stopped off this month and I noticed this RC cola vintage machine. They also had THREE Singer legs from old sewing machines. I wish like crazy I had somewhere to put them. GORGEOUS.

Visited my dad and his girlfriend and my great-grandmother. They adopted this gorgeous dachshund  a few months ago. Drusilla is growing into a beautiful dog. Now, if only she learns some bladder control when she's excited, we'll get on a lot better.

I unfortunately had a bad allergic reaction to her.