Sunday, July 20, 2014

Post 900... and one

So MMD technically reached over 1k posts a long time ago. I had some picture hosting problems around my 2 year mark and had to remove a whole host of posts, but my numbers have crawled back up.

And so do the number of my pets. Spike, my number one big ol' baby, out for a walk on his leash.

And who do we run across?? Mr. Thomas!  

Mr. Thomas is one of our 'ferals' who is now anything but. He's the head honcho of the strays in the neighborhood, which means he gets his own bowl of kibble and lots of pets. He had a bit of an infection a few years back that left him with a flop ear. 

He's a very vocal boy and supremely sweet. He and Spike spent some time chilling out while I helped my mom get her grill lit up.

After awhile I got hot and decided it was time to go home. But when I went in to get my bags - Reece!! Oh no! First a one-flop cat, now a one-eyed doggie. Neither one wanted me to leave. Reece got up in my lap and tried to go to sleep. I gave him cuddles, but it was finally time to go.

Of course, I still didn't make it out before tripping over my sweetheart, Watson.

He's still in his teenager years, where he wants pets, but also needs to act like he doesn't REALLY want the attention. So I mostly play with him and he sneaks secret pets when he follows me to the bathroom. Such a silly boy, but I do love them all.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Power Tools

Shirt - Amanda Smith, thrifted
Shorts - Bandalino, thrifted
Mary Janes - Dr. Martens
Bag - Princess Vera

This is the outfit of a receptionist who drug tests and uses power tools. All in a day's work. I hung a paper towel dispenser in our office bathroom, did paperwork, and even went to the post office. I may have long days, but the best part of my job is I always feel like something has been accomplished by the end of the day, even if it's little things.

I love these green shorts. They're perfect for my temperature unstable office. My boss's office is freezing, while the front room is meltingly hot. I wear layers everyday, so I'm usually okay, but lately I've had to ignore the impulse to cover my tats so I don't turn into a puddle.

Please excuse the unfortunate socks. I love these docs, but the material eats my feet if I don't wear thick socks.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Firmoo Review

So when I started MMD years ago (nearly five), I never intended for my blog to be a money maker or business venture. It was a personal style study that also gave me a connection to new people. However within the last year, I have begun re-evaluating my decisions to accept the occasional review on my blog. For the most part, I recommend things I have purchased and used. The End.

However, the occasional company comes along that makes me excited. In this instance, Firmoo.

As a glasses wearer, I'm always looking for options for affordable eyewear. I cannot wear contacts well, so glasses it is. When I got the email from Firmoo, I decided to jump on the chance. I have tried Zenni and Goggles4u, two similar companies with mixed results.

Really fast shipping! Faster than Zenni and Goggles4u by far.
Very reasonable prices compared to retail stores
Measurements and internet try on features (which I used!)
Good quality frames and lenses, including the popular retro styles
Cute hardcase with free keychain glasses screwdriver

Not many choices for small faces.
Mostly plastic frames.
Ships out of China.

Anyway, I took a risk ordering a pair - These to be exact (in black). They weren't as large as I expected, and the shape does appeal to me. I'm not sure they're replacing my everyday glasses, but I do like the option I have to wear a fun different pair of frames. My prescription was perfect. I could see with very little of that weird wonky phase eyes go through when adjusting to new frames.

Firmoo did ask that I mention their Free First Pair program, which I totally recommend if you have never ordered from Firmoo and need some new glasses. Neither link will provide kick back for me, I only received the glasses for free, for review. I will say they are well worth the original cost. As a connoisseur of glasses, I think Firmoo is a good company to have on your radar - if you're confident with ordering glasses online.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Megan Mae Not Dead

Tunic - Jon Den
Jeans - Gap, thrifted
Socks - err.. shoe show?? (Bought impulsively shopping with mom)
Shoes - Helle Comfort, ebay

Life brings unexpected things all the time. Three plus months ago, mine brought me a job. A dream job, really. But at the same time, I've had to learn to re-balance my life, my blog, my fiction co-writing, and my mental health.

Five years ago, I would have never been able to fathom doing the job I do now, but with medication, therapy, and understanding coworkers, I am functioning.

In more fashionable news, I wore jeans for the first and very rare time to work. My coworkers wear them frequently, but as the front desk lady, I prefer to keep my 'Artistic' style (dubbed by my managers) and dress up.

But even casual, I had to go with funky exposed socks that my whole outfit was based around. My ebay browsing brought me to this new shoe brand - Helle comfort (more like hella comfortable).. They have funky designs and I found several very well priced pairs (Spanish made, leather shoes). They are a bit stiff from being brand spanking new, but they are designed to wear well even out of the box.

It's similar to Arche in my opinion, and I may even like it a bit better because of the lower price points and the consistently funky designs (versus Arche's occasional Old Fart Style).

Also even with a desk job, I am on my feet nearly constantly, which means I have been investing in a wide variety of quality shoes again. My ankles/knees give me constant troubles, so I've been trying to take better care of my joints with vitamins and glucosamine.

Anyway, it's my goal to post one to two times a week, but I'll apologize in advance if I fall off the face of the earth occasionally. I'm hoping to get back to where I was, but adjusting takes time, more time than even I expected.

(PS my favorite things ever: 'funky sneakers' and 'fancy tee shirts')

Monday, July 7, 2014

New Hairs

Shirt - ?? Ebay
Trousers - Deb, thrifted
Flats - Naot, ebay

Star, star, star!! I went one a little ebay spree and picked up several 99c-$2.99 auctions on star printed things. Of course shipping put it more on point with my higher thrifting range, but I still got some great pieces at a steal.

This chambray shirt is perfect for summer, but will also be lovely for layering this winter. I paired it with some navy bellbottoms. So comfy, my favorite!!

Showing off my healing ink too.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Shoes and Tattoos

Hat -Rugged Warehouse
Shoes # 1 - Cydwoq Meditate
Shoes # 2 - Cydwoq South
Jeans - thrifted
Tank -swap with Patti

More tattoo work. We're building my galaxy bit by painful bit.

On the opposite side of pain, I got two pairs of Cydwoqs off their specials page. Sometimes they run reduced styles on their specials page, which is usually where I buy my stuff new from them. I've been wanting pointy toe flats for AGES but never ever found pairs that fit my narrow feet right. Of course, Cydwoqs fit me like a dream and their embossed butter soft leather feels like heaven on my feet.

Money well spent this time. Plus they make me feel like a magical elfin princess.

The first pair is a lovely slate blue, the second is hard to photograph because it's actually the loveliest shade of super pale lilac.


Wednesday, June 25, 2014

In the details

Fluevog Danielsons, Princess Vera purse, thrifted green crops

Spacey mani/pedi

I'm not one for painting my nails often, but this was OPI magic with some kind of big OPI glitter.
I wanted black, but they didn't have any. So something called 'magic' was obviously my next choice.

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