Sunday, December 14, 2014

Ho, ho, ho... and a bottle of rum.

Two beautiful ornaments gifted by Ally. I am anti-tree, but I love ornaments.
Here is my alternative to a tree!

It's that time of year again. Holidays.

For me, I -hate- Christmas. 

Don't get me wrong, I adore giving gifts. I LOVE surprising people, and fairy lights are the best thing on earth. Not to mention the days off work.

But the mess with the trees and the garland and the parades and the music and the sugar plums and expectations of being at everyone's house all within a two day span. It's all a bit intimidating for my poor anxiety, especially since I'm now working through some new medications.

Treating anxiety long term is difficult. The most effective medication - benzodiazepines - are easy to get addicted to and easy to gain a tolerance to. SSRIs, meant to treat depression, are only a partial treatment for panic disorder, and my new doctor is trying a few off-label treatments to see if I can tolerate them.

Mostly I'm doing alright. I'm actually still getting dressed most days (with thought and care for what I look like). I drive myself to work now, instead of relying on someone else. I've come a long way in 8 months. 

I've been officially embroidered into a sweatshirt for my company. How strange it feels some days. My life isn't the only one that's changed. I've watched people come in with very little and go from people down on their luck to hard working individuals. Those people stick with me very much, and make me feel like my job is worth it, even when I see others fail.

More importantly, I'm in a place where I'm making a difference.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014


I'm into a lot of black, grey, white lately. Loose layers, comfort. Comfort, comfort, comfort. I'm also obsessed with those harem pants.

And hats. Loose hats.

Lagenlook and mori girl tend to be my biggest inspirations with a dash of stark mod.

Getting pictures is hard because in the morning my face looks like -.-  <-- that and in the evening I forget to even get a picture because it's dark by the time I go home.

And oh yeah, I got my driver's license and forget I drove myself to work sometimes.

Monday, December 1, 2014



New on one side, last week's on the other.

I was supposed to get them both in one setting, but things worked out where I got 'em done in two sittings. I also got some touch ups done to some of my color work on my other arm, but I promise healing red and grey ink looks like poo.

My mom got a few small tattoos as filler for her sleeve, and of course I'm always fascinated by the inks and the many mirrors in the parlor. The front of their shop is very dark and dreamy, but their rooms are well lit and lovely. - My parlor is in an old house built around the same time as the house I grew up in,so it definitely has a homey feel to it.

Sunday, November 30, 2014

My new baby: Ivy


This is me. And Ivy.

My mom has a feral colony around her apartments, but most, if not all, are fixed. But this little girl, and I mean, little, turned up preggers a few months back and had two tiny kittens that we know of. She had them hidden inside one of the cracks in the building and the kittens have since disappeared (unfortunate circumstances I hate to say). Mama cat has been elusive though, only showing up for food time to the few who help care for our feral colony.

Coincidence had it that Mama-cat (as my mom was calling her), showed up right when I was there.

I'm sort of known as the 'Cat Whisperer' among people who know me. I picked her right up and she started cuddling and purring at me, letting me scratch her chin. I was most worried about her physical state and brought her inside to check her over.

Our past street rescues have come with everything from broken bones to internal injuries, but Mama cat was a heathy - if very young cat. She had a good weight on her, no off lumps or bumps. She let me handle her paws, her mouth, her ears. She has very downy kitten fur and she's very petite with large paws, so I have a feeling her litter of two was a first for her. I didn't even find a single flea. I'd wager she belonged to someone if we weren't the ones feeding her every day and she spent most of her time outside our apartment flirting with my (fixed) boy cats.

Most of all I was worried about her being in heat, but she did't have any symptoms I could tell.

But again, like most cats in my life - I was Chosen. She spent over an hour laying in my lap, stretching and snoozing, letting me bond with her. I definitely knew she was my new baby when my mom's room mate attempted to pet her and she got bit! Oops!

Well, I dubbed her Miss Ivy after that (Sheila - hope you get the reference!)

We got a LOT of selfies. She wasn't keen at moving from my warm lap at all for an hour. Until she got a little bit of treats and decided to be very lady like and use the litter box!!! and politely ask to be let back outside. 

She's not your average street cat that's for sure. I'm not sure if someone moved, dropped her off, or she's just plain been good at keeping herself out of trouble. But she gets along famously with our one eyed dog, Reese. 

But I've mostly decided I now have an outdoor cat. My mom is calling the vet next week to set up her a spaying appointment so we can save her from any more litters of kittens, but I'm still hoping to either move in the next few months or at least convince my mom to take her on as an indoor/outdoor cat. Regardless, I've had new fur-baby come into my life and I adored the time I got to spend with such a love bug.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Snapshots from 11.22.14

Dr. Watson (my cat) has a new girlfriend. Lucy Lou, one of our ferals, has the sweetest meow despite her ruffled appearance. They make eyes at one another through the storm door. (Both cats are fixed!)


Which is a huge, huge, HUGE deal for me. 

And in celebration, I got a tattoo (of course!) I got my wings and freedom to go whereever I please in the form of a crow. I've had this guy in mind for a long, long time, and finally took the plunge. Of course, Jeff at Arch Angel did it. More pictures as he heals and I have proper lighting!

Also while I was waiting around, I had their owner and piercer Scooby hook me up with these twisty earrings. I already had the piercings, but can never manage to get the fiddly things in. He used a threader and twisted on the balls for me. I was also fascinated with his Ouija board sign.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Score Saturday

Lunch! Bibimbap

Watson: What's he watching?

Spike outside!

John napping with Reese

Spike later, supervising dinner

 Thrifting scores! Brighton bag (okay from my mom's closet), Born shoes, ADORABLE tank, plus some plain layering tanks, a striped shirt, a pair of lucky jeans, and this GORGEOUS jacket. I may remove some of the nubblies that bother me (like the one on the sleeve), but the jacket was brand new!

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