Saturday, November 22, 2014

Snapshots from 11.22.14

Dr. Watson (my cat) has a new girlfriend. Lucy Lou, one of our ferals, has the sweetest meow despite her ruffled appearance. They make eyes at one another through the storm door. (Both cats are fixed!)


Which is a huge, huge, HUGE deal for me. 

And in celebration, I got a tattoo (of course!) I got my wings and freedom to go whereever I please in the form of a crow. I've had this guy in mind for a long, long time, and finally took the plunge. Of course, Jeff at Arch Angel did it. More pictures as he heals and I have proper lighting!

Also while I was waiting around, I had their owner and piercer Scooby hook me up with these twisty earrings. I already had the piercings, but can never manage to get the fiddly things in. He used a threader and twisted on the balls for me. I was also fascinated with his Ouija board sign.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Score Saturday

Lunch! Bibimbap

Watson: What's he watching?

Spike outside!

John napping with Reese

Spike later, supervising dinner

 Thrifting scores! Brighton bag (okay from my mom's closet), Born shoes, ADORABLE tank, plus some plain layering tanks, a striped shirt, a pair of lucky jeans, and this GORGEOUS jacket. I may remove some of the nubblies that bother me (like the one on the sleeve), but the jacket was brand new!

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Saturday update

Good fortune.

Halloween desk diorama (that's a real pumpkin!) 

 Dress by Cirque du Frock. Minnetonka mocs, gifted belt from Debbi. Weird thrifted jacket.

AND LUCCHESE BOOTS!! Ebay score`~ Snake skin and leather. Ssssss

See these on Sheila's Shoe Shine!

Friday, October 17, 2014

Catching up

Hello!! Happy Pumpkins!! It's October. Obviously I hit up the pumpkin patch. With mixed results. I got my coworkers all tiny adorable pumpkins for their desk and this pumpkin tower for my lobby. This lovely orange pumpkin molded in four days though, so my weird greenish one is ghoulishly holding up the fort.

I've spent my time writing and writing and petting bees. Our silly bees got drunk off my MIL's stevia plant. They were so docile I was actually petting their fuzzy backs. Silly things! Bees are friends, remember that! Don't swat them!!

As for clothes, utilitarian. Lots of jeans. Found this weird pair of camo pants. Not my usual thing, but they fit, had lots of zippers and pockets, and weren't your typical camo. Not a bad $5 investment. The striped jumper though? That was a miraculous find. It's got a lovely neckline and is super comfy for the ultra-rainy cool weather I've been in.

From this

To this!

Also meet tattoo number twenty. I've had this one planned since before the last two tattoos. I needed a full weekend to let it heal though. I asked Jeff to please bring together my two back tattoos with my shoulder one. I've adored my original cat tattoo, but tonight Jeff took it to another level of beauty. He gave the delicate skeleton a fresh wash of ink, bringing it from flat to dimensional, pulling the blues and blacks through my artwork and down my back. I'm so so pleased with the end result. Mostly I would love to gush about it more. But I've been awake nearly 18 hours, had two and half hours sitting being inked, nine hours of work, and I'm ready to collapse.

Check my tumblr for detail shots and close ups.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Tattoos 18 and 19

In the midst of struggle, my tattoo artist is always there.

I feel like a walking piece of art.

18. Inkwell (outer elbow). Dedicated to my double life as a writer (and my friendship with Meghan).

19. Another watercolor abstract (inner elbow). Is it an ink stain? Or a crazy moon?

Old Tattoos
1. Family quote, translated: I shine, not burn. A tattoo shared by all my family.
2. Wittgenstein quote

3. Cat skeleton for my late Gomez

4. Extensive Honeycomb

5. Watercolor abstract
6. Abstract Poppies (earlier addition: have since
 added a J and heaxagon at the wrist)

7. Solar System
8. Running kinetic cats

8 updated (with 9 stars)

10, moon phases + sun

11: geometrics

12. Star Sleeve (WIP)

13. 221B 
17. And thus a tribute to
Platform 9 3/4.
15. 42, the Answer to Life the Universe and Everything
14, Oil lamp to light my way

16. Quote by JK Rowling at the
 final Harry Potter movie premier

Friday, October 3, 2014

Friend Friday: No Shit, Sherlock.

Shirt - thrifted
Jeans - Cheap Monday, thrifted
Boots - Botb, ebay
Bag - thrifted
Notebook - Dollar Tree

So I'm six months into my career as an Office Coordinator. I'm in my element, challenged, but loving it. My office is lenient enough that I can wear my personal style, even if I do try to keep it business casual - no flip flops for this girl.

But I've also been struggling. Struggling with depression and anxiety, and the fatigue and illness that comes along with it. I've been quietly lurking in my friends posts, putting up a post here and there to show I'm not dead (yet).

I slogged home today, sad, tired, exhausted. But guys, I love Meghan. I love her.

Because even though she's gone on vacay and can't spend the weekend writing with me, she sent me a fantastic surprise! Maaaail.

Holy shit, Sherlock - it's hats!!
She showed me this rainbow beanie she knitted, and sent it along for my mom (it's big!), but my mom's going to have a bit of competition in getting it. Because it makes me make that face.

But for me - It's an Ear hat, Watson! AN EAR HAT.

Plus loads of other Sherlockian goodies including cards, an eyeshadow palette, a BBC themed personally screen printed scarf, a Return to 221B Baker Street hand stamped necklace, a slytherin-tastic snake necklace, a button necklace and a lovely leather skull cameo.

Did you know Meghan makes most of her own clothes? Did you know she's recently reopened her etsy shop? Did you all also know I'm a total crack whore for free stuff? No? 

Well, a recent job fair totally exposed that side of myself to my coworkers. I came out with everything from pens to sports bottles, sticky notes, and even stuffed Chick Fil A cows. (LOVE THE COWS), I even tried to win a hat or shirt from the Marines, but my wimpy gimpy arms couldn't hold me in a pull-up hang for longer than 13 seconds. But I tried! I like free shit.

But Meghan totally sent me TWO, COUNT THEM TWO, dresses hand made by her!

My favorite part is she got my bipolar style down to two distinct dresses. One, stripes with black and bold colors. The other plaid with bees, soft cotton, red and navy. Strong boldness and soft shabby chic.

 I do apologize for the camera phone pictures (all of them!) and mirror pictures, but I needed photographic evidence immediately of this amazingness. Hopefully, very soon, you'll see these dresses styled to their full extent.

I'm still trying guys, that's all we can do in this world - try like hell.

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