Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Groove Back

Top - Belk
Cardigan - Ross
Trousers - thrifted
Shoes - Chucks

Best advice I could give ANYONE - shop smart. If you buy good looking clothes, no matter what's on your brain, anything you pull from your closet will make you look fashionable and professional if you have already done the heavy lifting on the shopping side of things. I lamented pretty hard about not finding what I wanted in thrift stores. So I finally broke over and ventured in to a couple of department and retail stores. I have looked all over for this style of shirt. And while I LOVE how it looks, I'm admittedly a little disappointed with the construction of the neckline not laying right all day long. However these are my new favorite trousers due to the perfect fit.

And check that pattern out! I love a good black and white print.

Top - Belk
Cardigan - Torrid, thrifted
Jeans - David Buffalo via Rugged Warehouse
Boots - Luxury Rebel, ebay

Oh my god this whole outfit. It came together in a crash-shopping event. I paid more for this top than I have an entire bag of clothes ($20) but I fell so hard for it in Belk that the DH (who actually went shopping with me) demanded I get it.

Then I stumbled upon these super weird pants. Black on the back, white on the front. Remember my previous love affair?

Note - It is ridiculously hot down here in the South. Don't let me outfits fool you. But I do work in an office of a DME facility and it is COLD most days in the office. So lots of long sleeves and cardigans (with sleeveless tops underneath).

Check out these pants!! Seriously, why buy boring pants. I'm firmly against whoever decided one half of your outfit had to be the focus. I mean look!!! Awesome pants!

FYI, I would apologize for the mirror pictures with my phone, but the DH and I are now both full time workers. I'm lucky to be able to use the public bathroom in the office to snap these pics (our employee bathroom doesn't have a full length mirror.) So I'm making do.

Monday, June 29, 2015


Blouse - Predictions
Crops - Mossimo
Star flats - Bobs
Purse - thrifted

Mostly writing up this post because I want to gush over how much I adore Indian food. I finally found a place that's about 20 minutes away (one way) that makes delicious food. They always make things mild and yummy. Generous portions. And I can be sure no cilantro will be in my food. I usually order enough food for three people, but I eat for three days on it. 

In other news, my crash shopping has finally become more cohesive and my spirits are lifting. I got this top from Sam's club of all places while I was shopping with my inlaws. The crops were a new-with-tags piece from goodwill. Pieces that make my heart swoon are what I look for. This shirt definitely makes me swoon.

Friday, June 26, 2015

End of the first week

Thursday's look! I'm so obsessed with this tunic. It's so summery. Too bad about this cardigan. When I thrifted it, I didn't realize it had quite so much wear on it. 

Friday was obviously denim and butterfly dress day in honor of the dress's maker Cirque du Frock!

Also I discovered our "public" bathroom at work has a full length mirror! Score! 

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Beginning of a New Adventure

Cotton/Silk shirt - Chico's. thrifted
Skinny trousers - Tanjay, thrifted
Shoes - Miista

Tried to stick for cool and comfortable, but covered. My office is FREEZING though, so I was more than happy for the sleeves. Even thought our temps are hitting 100+ with the heat index, I'm bundling up indoors. This outfit could have used a vest or something warmer!

Bathroom shot - we have these American flags all over the bathroom mirror and there's a Gideon bible on the back of the toilet? (Gideon International headquarters is in Nashville, they used to pass out bibles in front of my high school. Every year when we did locker clean outs, there were so many)

Sweater tank - Express, thrifted
Trousers - Sanctuary, thrifted
Cardigan - unknown
Chuck Taylors

Day two, still going strong. Still loving the job. Of course it's the easy stuff now. I imagine once I begin collections, I'll struggle some, but I'm looking forward to the challenge. I want to do well by my new office. They're all so welcoming and I'm learning a lot.

Not sure I like the fit of these pants. I was pretty desperate looking for pants, and these... ehhh, I dunno. Just not comfy for sitting in, or standing.

Still three more days, three more outfits (hopefully ones I can document. DH goes back to work tomorrow!)

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Pre-job, shopping

 So my closet is and was sorely lacking. Not only work clothes, but summer clothes, clothes that fit, that made me feel good. I started with $50 and every thrift store in reasonable driving distance. I tried to stay within

I picked a lot of neutrals. But also tried to grab some brighter colors to add to my stock wardrobe of black and white and black.

 Colorful capris will work great with long tunics.

Wild pants. I got these and another pair of black/white printed pants. No photo of those, in the wash, but both will go with my bold colored solid tops or solid black shirts.

 Not pictured also is a pair of navy skinny trousers, a pair of riding the line of work-appropriate green pants, a gorgeous blue silk-cotton button down, a sleeveless teal/black printed collared shirt, an orange tank, an orange sleeveless collared shirt, and a basic teal tank.

It's basically a capsule wardrobe of roughly twenty pieces to add to my nearly-bare drawers. It will carry to my next paycheck and will allow me to find and purchase higher quality pieces one or two at a time instead of having to crash-shop for what fits. I know some people can toss style by the wayside, but I know if I'm not dressed both comfortable and at least feel decent in my clothes, it really affects my self-esteem.

But I think the thrifting gods were on my side. I am ready.