Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Welcome Summer

Summer took its sweet time coming, but here it is. I'm revisiting shorts this summer. I got this pair new with tags by Jones New York from the thrift store awhile ago. I've got another pair of shorts waiting in the wings that I picked up in Philly.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Flex Jobs

Straw hat - Marc Anthony
 Top - Neon Buddha
Pants - Jewel Toffier
Sandals - Naturalizer

Committing to a full time job right now isn't doable, but I hit upon an awesome 4 day job as a survey collector for four days. I've actually had a pretty good time doing it. I've met a lot of really great people in passing:

- a 90 year old man who has the best outlook on life! He still golfs!
- a MMD reader!! Hii! I didn't catch her name, but she was lovely. So incredible to be found 'in the wild'.
- a man who weaves tartan. I noticed his Claddagh ring, and asked him about it. I see them a lot on women, but not men. He's an Irish national and was in town for a local faire. Too bad I was stuck working!

The con, and only real con of the job, my feet HURT. Oh boy, the floors killed me. I have major respect for servers and hostesses who manage to do that day in and day out.

I'm so glad to have made it back to Monday morning where I could put on a shirt and not worry about covering tattoos. I also finally got my ordered backup pair of glasses today. I mostly wear a lighter weight pair of glasses to use my computer or watch television because my main frames are quite heavy metal. My old blue lenses weren't strong enough so I ordered up a cheapo pair from my favorite site and they finally arrived! Not sure what I think about them, but they'll do for now.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Rock out

Sweatshirt - Rock and Republic
Harem Pants - ebay
Booties - Nine West
Earrings - Cirque du Frock

Found this amazing tunic!

Friday, April 24, 2015

In the details

Chucks! My love is renewed.
These shoes have always been the best for my feet. So comfy, so many colors.
Don't check your eyes, these are really blue and black! 

Orange version of my Haiku bag. The fushcia one has my star clip, but the orange one matched my cat's toy perfect. Spike refused to place with the fish on a string. Remove the fish and he LOVES the string. I laid the fish near the bag once and realized how perfectly it went. So I found a clip and put it on! I love it!

Love thrift stores. I find the weirdest things sometimes. Like this crazy fox faux-cross-stitch vest. I was surprised at the high quality fabric on it. I sadly left it behind, wishing I knew someone who needed it!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Revamped Jacket of My Dreams

Dress - TJ Maxx
Boots - Nine West
Earrings - Cirque du Frock

Brr!! Crazy showers! Bringing cool weather. But y'know, I'm not bothered because um, hello jacket! I was worried I wouldn't get to wear this before it got too warm, but I had to bring it out. It's my custom Medical jacket by Meghan over at Cirque du Frock.

I once (badly) altered a red hoodie I had with sweater-knit black and white striped sleeves. I was obsessed with the concept I had come up with, but my sewing skills aren't nearly as good as my visionary ones. This is the grown up jacket, made by a truly excellent seamstress and designer.

Meghan re-envisioned my favorite jacket from new pieces for me to wear nearly a decade later, in a grown up, comfortable way. No tight sleeves of a fitted jacket, no bulky shapelessness of a hoodie. Perfection in one jacket.

See the back?

Oh? What's that on my ears?

Oh hell yeah you want to see them!! Recycled leather becomes these fan-fucking-tastic earrings (get your own pair here). As someone with short hair, I love big earrings, but sometimes big earrings = heavy. These are uber light, super soft.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Dress - Mossimo, thrifted
Leggings - gift from Mom
Boots - Nine West

These leggings were one of the last gifts my mom gave me. I've hesitated to wear them for a long time because I was worried I wouldn't like the non-cotton fabric. But they aren't nasty polyester. They're surprisingly light rayon. Just perfect to knock the spring chill in the air.

The boots are new. Spatty and deliciously comfortable. Nine West has always been a good brand to me. Love their fit.

Also new hair cut. 

Monday, April 20, 2015

Like Twice

Dress - thrifted
Bag - Haiku
Hat - Target
Shoes - Ked's

So I've been reading a lot about online "thrift stores", which are really more like consignment. Like Twice is a pretty popular one at the moment. I decided to order one of their sell bags because I have a TON of stuff that I was planning to donate. I checked my items against their accepted brands, and sent in ten items.

Now this isn't a quick process. It took maybe two whole weeks round trip. I finally got the offer last night for my things. They only accepted 5 items out of ten (weird, because all the items had only been worn maximum of twice. They cited staining, wear, and 'dated' on the unaccepted items). They also had 3 of my items listed as being "Gap" brand, and I know for a fact none of the brands I sent were Gap.

Why? Gap just isn't a brand that I buy.

But I got a cash offer for $22. $22 for a bunch of stuff I would have sent to donation anyway is alright. So I wound up accepting it. I didn't really feel like arguing or contacting customer service over a bunch of clothes I wasn't attached to anymore, but word to the wise - know what you're getting into if you decide to sell. I'm not in as much position to shop now, so I didn't try out the shopping portion of the site. It looks alright, and the shopping bit is a lot easier than Thredup.

Thredup will be my next review. I still have 13 items set aside to try out this online consignment. I'm still waiting for Thredup's sell bag to arrive in the mail, but I'll be sure to write another review once I do that.

This isn't a sponsored review, just a curious unemployed blogger looking to pick up extra bucks while looking for a new job.
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