Tuesday, March 12, 2013


 Koi bead necklace - Luminous Glass, swap
Goldfish Necklace - Sparkle Park Designs, swap
Tee - Splendid, thrifted
Skirt - ?? thrifted
Socks - Sock It To Me
Logic flats - Cydwoq

It all started with these socks. Fishies socks. Then I did a trade with a lovely lady in New Zealand who makes glass beads for my swimmy koi fish bead. Then I did another trade for this gold fish pendant from another lovely lady blogger. Small obsessions become collections. I decided I needed to wear all of my fish today. Am I wrinkled or are those waves?

And since Sheila asked, I took a side shot of the Banana Shoes (Arche flats). The heel is what really gives them their banana peel look. But it's also the softest, best part about them. Talk about comfort! I also took a shot of my under the bed box of shoes~ It's about half of my shoe collection. I keep three pairs in my desk cubby and a couple pairs in the closet, but for now, I'm operating on minimum shoe capacity.

Cydwoq, fluevog, three pairs of trippens, Arche, Eurosofft sandals, and a pair of vintage mary janes. I do love me some shoes.


  1. I'm so glad you took a side shot of those shoes--I was wanting the same thing! I love all your new fishy acquisitions! Great necklace!

  2. Is it a shoal of fish accessories? They look great all together. I want your banana peel shoes, they also look a bit like leafy shoes, do you think? Cute and elfin, in any case.

    Have you used styling stuff on your hair? It looks great.

    1. I did! I didn't get a forward picture because the sun was so bright. Lovely, but it makes me sneeze. ;P

  3. Shoes are a passion for many of us. And I love the name of your sock-seller. "Sock It To Me" was a huge pop phrase back in the Seventies when I was growing up, created by the hit TV show "Rowan and Martin's Laugh In." (The show gave Goldie Hawn her start.)

  4. Fishies! I love all your fishies - they add such cheer and fun to your outfit! I also enjoyed seeing the side view of the banana shoes. Oh shoes. I wish I had more. I can shop again in just about two weeks!

  5. I remember "Sock It To Me" too! Richard Nixon said it once on the show (sorry, older-person interlude) : >

    I love seeing all the fish together. You look great, and that's one of my favorites of your skirts.

  6. Ooh, if only you had my amethyst koi Queen Min ring to go with! :-D

  7. Ooh, I love all the fish! I am going to start looking for fish things for you. Thank you for the side-view of the shoes - I LOVE that piece up the back!

  8. Such cute socks! And love seeing your shoe collection!

  9. Fun fishies! Fabulous! Love the socks, loved Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In, and I bet I would love Wendy B's amethyst koi ring, too!

  10. "It all started with these socks." That sounds like the first line of a murder mystery novel. Collections are super fun, and I love hearing how other people's collection evolve. I collect mugs and notebooks.

  11. Fishies!!! Hmmmm-where did I see that koi print fabric??? If i can find it i think another skirt shall be making it's way to you!
    love the outfit and your hair is adorable

    your shoe collection is awesome!! i love the banana peel ones!!

  12. Wow, going on holiday means I get a HUGE dose of my bloggy fashion buddies when I get home! So much has happened here; you look terrific, and I love the colour/cut change on your hair very much! (Also, fish rock, and how cute are the Cosmo kittens? Can't wait until they get into the bigger room, and their wobbly little legs will let them bounce around more.)

  13. fab look! you somehow remind of a dresses Wendy O. Williams which I love

    Inside and Outside Blog
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  14. Love your fishy socks! I have some fox socks that I can't wait to wear. I just need it to be something more than -7. :)

    Also, your under-the-bed shoe storage idea is brilliant. I'll have to look into that!


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