Friday, January 4, 2013

Mori Girl

Sweater - westbound, thrifted
Skirt - BMoss, thrifted
Bloomers - gift
Necklace - gift from Tamera 
Hat - Target
Mu Boots - Cydwoq 

Mori girl! A soft and sweet version of "Lagenlook" that hails from Japan. Characterized by chunky knits, heavy shoes, gauzy layers - a 'forest girl' look. I've been falling in love with the Mori girl look from pinterest (thanks to Meghan). It's got almost the opposite of my space-girl looks, but it appeals to my senses just the same.

This is the skirt I mentioned yesterday. I couldn't wait to wear it. I had to pull it on today, I'm loving the warmth of longer skirts. I added these bow printed bloomers I got for Christmas and my fisherman sweater. Turns out B.Moss (same company that made my green cords) is currently on hiatus or something. Sad to find out because I really love both this skirt and my green trousers.

Expect to see these styled up this summer
As I mentioned on Wednesday I met with customer, Mary K, who was passing through the area on her way home to pick up her obi belt and buttonflower order. I wanted to share her comment on Wednesday's post because Mary really made me smile!
"Megan's customer here. Two things: this outfit (and Megan) were even cuter in person and Obi belts and buttonflowers are awesome. Get on over to the order page - now! "
Thanks Mary! She was super sweet and I'm always happy to get reviews on MMD gear. She also dropped off a fun tie to add to my materials pile.

Joni also left a comment asking about an etsy page. I'll reiterate here for the curious - I don't use etsy because, at the moment, I'd rather sell directly. I have MMD, it's my site and therefore I don't have to upcharge to cover etsy's fees and paypal fees and shipping. Maybe someday I'll reach a wider audience, but for now - I love working one on one with you guys. I try not to over-advertise or turn MMD into a business platform, but I do love crafting and I'm beyond grateful to have people who want to buy and wear my creations.

I want to keep MMD a fun creative place where friends can get together, have good conversation, enjoy fashion, food, crafting, and geeking out.

Speaking of all that, my birthday is coming up. I'll have a proper post up this weekend, but I am inviting everyone to my eparty. Look for details Saturday!


  1. Oooh! I love the skirt and the bloomers too! I can't wait to see what you'll do with the bloomers this summer!

    And yay for E-parties for birthdays! Very exciting!

    Also, I totally understand not having an Etsy shop. It makes sense.

  2. I'll happily coe to your virtual party! Now, what to wear..

    Ths outfit is great, very MM I think even though you are representing mori girl style. What a steal that skirt was, I love the ruffles/hitchings in it :-)

  3. Yay! eparty!!!! I love it! I also love the Mori look today Megan. It suits you well. Your bloomers are so cute. I am so glad that you are having such success with your obi belts and buttonflowers. You have such amazing talent. And you are a very nice person who deserves it!

    As for my site, you are the second person today to tell me about the problem. I spoke with Patrick (computer whiz) to see what was wrong or how I might fix it and he said that my site might have been subject to a virus! (EEEK!) But he didn't know a way for me to "fix it" other than to wait it out. Ugh! At any rate, thanks for letting me know. Whatta pain!

  4. I want to come to your party. I'll bring cake!
    I love this outfit on you. One of my favorites ever!!

  5. Yes, you look awesome in that skirt with bloomers. You know I'm a long skirt and bloomers lover. You have to make sure you're doing that gesture when you walk over puddles or up and down stairs. I just can't keep up with all your posts, busy girl. Happy soon to be birthday.

  6. Coolest skirt! So very pretty with the bloomers, boots, shoulder detailing, and hat - another great look for you.
    Looking forward to your e-party! And ditto what Mary K said. :)

  7. That's such a sweet customer compliment. I like the skirt and the cozy sweater!

  8. Love that MMD crafting is going so well! I wish I could find my niche.

    Such an interesting skirt! So cool!

  9. What a cute outfit!!!! I LOVE those bloomers!!!!!

  10. Hi Megan! I'm a little tipsy with wine and cold meds, but that being said, I LOVE this look. I would wear it verbatim. Exactly as is. You look perfect. XXOO. Stay warm.

  11. Oh yes! I loove this look, the chunky shoe with wispy on top. I agree, perfect. And the bloomers are the perfect extra. I look forward to your eparty!

  12. Too adorable, all of it! I'm glad to know this look has a name; it's one I really love, but didn't realise had its own genre, if you will. And the bloomers are especially great.

  13. Hi Megan
    I'm another satisfied (international) customer - my lovely obi belt(s! thankyou) and button flowers arrived in NZ:) I'm so happy with them, they're all beautiful and it's fun trying to figure out how to arrange and what to put them on. I'll have to take pics of them adorning my favourite jacket, hat etc and covering holes in my bag from when my dogs could smell chocolate inside, haha. So glad I found your page and I love your bloomers too:)

  14. I love that you have bloomers! I just read recently that pettipants are still around, too. They're perfect under a loose, long skirt like that. And again, I love the hat!

  15. I've been meaning to make bloomers that I can wear as pants. :-) I'm so jealous of your bloomers.

    And your mori look is divine. I know I told you on twitter, but OMG.

  16. Eee! Bloomers and a hitched-up skirt! Too much awesome for one outfit! (JK) This is just a great outfit on you, Megan!

  17. Ah, this outfit made me smile! It has a vibe that just makes one happy looking at it. I adore every last bit of it and it does look like another aspect of your personality.

  18. Cute! I remember when my best friend introduced me to the idea of mori girls--it's definitely a fun sort of imaginary-lifestyle look, especially (I imagine) for girls in Tokyo! Like cute-frumpy little woods pixies or something from a Diana Wynne Jones novel. I should try a wintery mori girl look sometime in the next few months...

  19. You look beautifull...
    like your style

  20. love. love. love this skirt! too cute with the bloomers!

  21. Megan, girl, I LOVE this!! I've been hearing more and more about Mori style. Loved reading about your love of words, language and majors in your tattoo post as well.

    Lynn Dylan


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