Thursday, January 17, 2013

MMD E-PARTY (Massive Post)

Rocking a thrifted J.Peterman dress a la Alice with Trippen flats and my wedding Tiara
Birthday hats are overrated.

It's my birthday!! Every year, try as I might, my birthday celebrations go awry. Something about this time of year has everyone bustling on with their own business, content to stick to resolutions, go back to school, to work, nose to the grindstone. Instead of partying alone this year, I asked the blog world to join me in my 23rd year of life and celebrate.

Here are the lovely party attendees:

Starting off the party in style, My sister-in-cat, Lynne, brought some of her best shoes to try on for the party!  And because she's been one of my biggest supporters - she's also wearing a cluster of buttonflowers with her rocking striped dress.

Continuing on with the gorgeous shoes, Ana steps into the party with her new button boots and a grown-up goth girl look to die for!

My lovely neighbor to the North, Amber offered up her fantasy tulle and teacup photoshoot with the dearly departed Miss Maryjane Frystack. Amber is currently with her ailing chicken, Alma, and the sympathetic alpha-chicken Starr. Much love and prayer goes out to Amber and her ladies. I'm glad to have them at my birthday.

Thanks to a recent trade with the gorgeous Kristan, she decided to share her dressed up MMD gear along with a pair of Fluevog guides for the party!! Halfway around the world, opposite hemisphere, style still sings!

Same birth month, nearly same name - Meghan is a girl after my own thrifty heart. She brought her A-game to the party in her newly thrifted pirate coat and those beautiful boots.

Same name - different sound, Megan, brought out her origami dress, MMD obi, and the most incredible pair of flats. We're here to party and those are some boogie shoes!

Pretty in pink and purple, Beth brought out her incredible skirt and MMD buttonflowers to play. Unpictured here, but she's also rocking the rocks I gave her for Christmas. ;)

New to my reading list, Mia! She's got the best hair around and the cutest smile. I'm a fan from day one and I'm thrilled she joined the party.

Two ladies who always give me the best advice, a fearless sense of adventure, and have been cornerstones of my blogging realm. Patti joins us from her warm weathered beach in a lace blouse.

While Ally is flying her picture in from the shivery Northeast in this cocktail dress and splash-of-color scarf. (You two better behave if I seat you together!)

The mysterious Secret Squirrel opted not to freeze her toes off across the pond (and rightly so) entered a wedding party photo from the warmer months with glass of (wine?!) I did say BYOB. ;)  I haven't met SS in person, but from what I've learned about her, I bet she can party!

Cara had to have a costume change - this is a MMD party afterall - I did ask for over the top! So she decided to show up in her MMD belt and swap out into a plaid dress that I might need to steal off her body. GOR-GEOUS.

Tamera must have taken my challenge to heart and grabbed every leopard print around her! This badass beauty is bold! I think she needs some leopard print shoes now. ;)

EE bares her toes in these beautiful Gucci heels! Reading EE's blog is like a calming yoga session. I always look forward to her hair adventurous and her sweet thoughtful posts! 

Next up we have FOUR guests, two of which are ticking down the days until their own birthdays. The lovely Mrs Keely and her soon-to-be baby boy and the lovely Mrs Ada with her very-soon-to-be baby girl.

The ever inspiring Pat. I'm so in awe of her project and would love to spend a day crafting with her. She transforms even the ordinary into extraordinary.

While not her intended outfit, Robin of Frannie Pantz decided to keep warm in her kickass boots and teal sweater. Maybe she can start the dance train along those tracks?

Melanie shows up with the best tee shirt ever. She's got the right idea if you ask me!!

My IRL friend, Quiton, had to get in on the e-party too! This girl rocks you guys. 

In her own words, Sheila says every party needs someone who is a) late b) stumbling around and c) wearing a lampshade…and she's happy to fill that role. Of course she does it in style with a pair of Melissa Vivienne Westwood Dragon lady shoes and a Desigual dress. 

Gracey rolls in for the evening with her Duck Face Robot dance. She's gotta teach us all the dance so we can boogie down all night. (Isn't her hair totally rockin' roll!!)

Anne the spy girl, uncloacks with this party ready look! She may be late, but certainly more than welcome!!

Sacramento rocks the fanciest blouse I've ever seen. Isn't she beautiful! 

Don't forget the four feets as well! They're all awfully tuckered out. I am too after such an amazing birthday. Thank you to every one, those who read, participated. Those who sent me cards and gifts. You're all amazing and have started out my 23rd year of life in the best way possible. Go curl up and get some rest! Tomorrow is another day, party hard!

Tamera's Mr. Bill and Diva Kae

Beth's Taylor and Pippin
Late to the party, Sheila brings her kitty cat Vizzini to play

Once again if you want to join the party late - just leave me a link or send me an email. I'll be updating the post if more people decide to join up!  If I have not added you to the list, and you have contacted me, leave a comment, please.


  1. Happy Birthday, dear Megan! Hope you have the best day ever.
    Everyone looks spectacularly ready for mayhem, what a stupendous party!

  2. This is the greatest! Happy birthday dear Megan, hope it's everything you've wanted and more xoxoxoxo -Patti

  3. Happy Birthday, buddy! Boy, you have lots of friends!

  4. Ormagawrsh, everyone looks so fab, and I want to steal most of their shoes, tops, coats, skirts, tights, and dresses. Including yours. I hope I can try it on when I see you next, lovely Alice!

    Also, you helped me discover some new blogs to follow, so thanks!

    I hope your day is as wonderful as you are!

  5. Technically you are now in your 24th year of life! You finished the 23rd by turning 23. It's always scary to think of it that way huh? It gets even scarier when you are in decades.
    I hope you have a fabulous birthday!

    You look FABULOUS yourself!!

    Everyone looks so stunning--and I've got new blogs to check out!!
    PARTY ON!!

  7. Happy Birthday sweet girl! *mwah*

  8. Happy birthday Megan!!!! I hope today is the best day ever for you! Go thrifting! Grab a nice warm tea/coffee! Sleep in! Enjoy your day!

  9. Happy birthday Megan Mae ! WOW; seems like a great crown full of amazing gals showed up.
    I am sure this year beats any other - hope this year brings you many many many good things your way. Hugs.

  10. Happy birthday! I'm wearing one of your obi belts in celebration. May this be your very best year yet! :-)

  11. Happy birthday Megan!!! Hope you have a fabulous day and I love your Alice-ish dress!

  12. Happy birthday girlie!! I loved seeing all your guests - including those in vitro and of the four legged variety! How fun! I hope you have a great day today!!

  13. Happy Birthday! These ladies all look marvelous.

  14. Happy Bday! I sent you an email with a picture!!! :D

  15. Happy Birthday Beautiful Megan!! May it be a Great, Blessed Year for you and I like how you included the two preggo ladies with their babies, too. Everyone came out and dressed to IMPRESS. I like the 4-legged fur babies too. Great Party!!

    I am in love with your dress & tights. =)

  16. Happy Birthday!!!!! Have a blast! (Sorry - I didn't make it to get dressed. I came home yesterday and exhausted :(. I'm there in the costume of Invisible Man, tho :)
    x, Lara

  17. Happy birthday!! Maybe I can join the party next year!! Enjoy your day and best wishes for the upcoming rockin' year!

  18. Happy Birthday! So many lovely,fun people at your party! I am TERRIBLY underdressed but the sentiment on the T is what counts. Let's hope your celebration lasts far into your new life year - even if some us can't manage staying up all night. Hugs!!

  19. Happy birthday, Megan!!! Everyone looks fabulous! :)

  20. Happy Birthday, lovely Megan! Glad to join you. :)

  21. What a great-looking bunch of friends you've got, Megan! And so well-dressed! *polishes nails on shirt*

  22. Hope you had a fantastic birthday Megan! Sorry I couldn't make the dress up party. It's dark outside now. ;)

  23. This is wonderful - such fun and great outfits! Happy birthday, hon.

  24. what a turn out!! and fun outfits! happy birthday Megan! hope it's been a great one.

  25. How fun! I wish I could have made the dress up party... but I will just send my "Happy Birthday" wishes!

  26. Happy Birthday, although in your time zone it's already over! I hope it was a good day. I just didn't get around to getting partied up, but I'm peeking in through the windows. What a fab party!!!

    1. Actually not yet! Two hours to go! Still glad to have you here in the comments.

  27. Happy belated birthday, Megan! It looks as if you had much fun with your guests.

  28. Happy Birthday!!! I have throughly enjoyed looking at what all these ladies have rocked at your party!

  29. Happy birthday MM! I was out and about the last few days so first accessed this post from my phone in a place of dodgy signal - the pictures kept loading in a random order -s l o w l y! So nice to see them all properly now. What a great party, I have quite a hangover now (hee hee). That is wine in my glass.. But with a teeny splash of tonic.

    Your birthday outfit is beautiful. Dressed up and fine, and so very you. When I saw it, my first thought was ethereal xx

  30. I definitely want to join your party, dear Megan, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh 23!!!
    Happy Birthday, my girl
    I shall send you a pic.

  31. Oh darn I missed your Birthday! I am so sorry I did not say Happy Birthday on time. I hope you had a wonderful day! You are a sweet, beautiful person and I am so glad to know you. You look fab in your birthday dress and it looks like you had a wonderful party! Happy Birthday dear Megan Mae and I hope you have many, many more.

  32. Happy Birthday!! I love this idea and your guests are fun and fashion forward...I would love to do this as well in May. Your headpiece is adorable. dawn suitcase vignettes xo

  33. Happy birthday beautiful Meagan! The tiara as headwear says it all. How fun to be joined by this gorgeous crowd.

  34. Dear Sweet Megan,

    Happy Belated Birthday! I am so sorry I missed the festivities, but life here won't seem to settle down! Yours is one of my favorite fashion blogs, though you'd never know it by my lack of commenting lately! You are gorgeous! Stay the same. I love your sense of style!

    Lynn Dylan


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