Sunday, November 18, 2012

Sew Sunday: Obsession

Tank - Simply Vera
Cardigan - Talbots, thrifted
Jeans - thrifted, DIY'd
Boots - Art Company

One of the biggest reasons I got sucked into blogging was the adoration for people who had a defined style. As someone who changed her personal definition of self many times throughout the teenage years, I was in every sort of clique under the sun growing up. I still highly admire people who have a strong sense of style and how it fits into their life. I'm finding that for myself, but I still occasionally reign myself in going "That's not you"..

Most recently I ordered a pair of Fluevog CBC radios in green from amazon. Giddy I opened the box, expecting to love them because they were Fluevogs. I put them on my feet, looked in the mirror, disappointed. I sent them back sadly. They just weren't me.

In effort to make myself feel better, I started digging through my closet (and ebay, but that's a story for another time). I found my longed-for purple pants, and had that 'oh right' moment. I had wanted those purple pants with the same fervor that I wanted those green shoes. They've been worn maybe twice? Three times?

I realized why they didn't spark with me. I was still thinking about another pair of purple pants that I had tried on months ago. Ones with a burn out pattern, skinny leg, high price tag, and too small size. Using my own style as direction, I DIY'd the jeans with bleach to create a splatter ombre effect.

There's always a risk with bleaching since the dyes can have unexpected undertones, but the effect came out amazing! Very spacey with a strong contrast. Not the same pattern as the other pair, but equally cool and way more personal.


  1. Megan Mae, I've spent the last 60 or so years wanting to have a definite style. And this year I finally read a book that helped me define me to the point that I'm comfortable. I, like you, couldn't wear some of the things you like but I think you look super and I love love your purple pants. That really worked out well.

  2. I'm FINALLY getting myu own style after following everyone else!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the pants!! Especially wityh that cool green sweater!

  3. I love bleaching jeans! :-) These are fab. I've never tried to do any with just the bottom of the leg before- I might need to try it out.

    You're style is amazing. I love that top and that sweater, too! I really want a pair of Fluevogs, but when it comes down to it I am addicted to docs and don't think I could spend that much money on fairy tale shoes. I'm glad you found a DIY to ease the pain though. ;-)

    1. I find my trippens and cydwoqs worth the cost, but unfortunately, I guess I'm not as much of a Vogger as I wish I was.

  4. "Wow," I thought. "Cool pants! I wonder where she got them?"

    I am completely unsurprised to find out you DIY'd them. They're fab!

  5. Your DIY came out brilliantly! I love those pants with that crazy circle shirt. This is a great outfit and you look fantastic. Green is purple is a fave combo.

  6. I had purple jeans in the 80s (high-waisted - eek!) that I sprayed with bleach, ripped and distressed myself in 1986 - they were so awesome! I love that you've done the modern version - great work on them!

    Bummer about the 'Vogs, but I don't like all their styles either.

  7. I really love your DIY jeans! :) Shame the shoes weren't you, but it's good you were able to decide that and return them rather than hold onto them and try to make them work, only to feel guilty later about not having worn them enough :)

  8. That's an amazing DIY Megan, they are so unique and so you! It's hard to keep a defined style sometimes, which is why I don't read fashion mags because I like to wear what I feel good in, not just because it's in style or trending. Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

  9. We used to do that to generic jeans when acid wash was the trend. I would have killed for a pair of acid wash Guess jeans back in about 1989!

    I love the whole outfit.

  10. There are advantages to being a style chameleon too! Excellent job on the jeans, and awesome outfit. Sorry you didn't love that pair of Fluevogs as much as you really wanted to - it happens! Good for you for catching yourself in patterns which aren't leading to sartorial happiness in the end, and taking such creative action.

  11. I think the jeans look amazing! xD

  12. WOW THIS OUTFIT IS SO UNIQUE. Both prints are real bold but you make them work. I like the top and awesome color on that cardi.

    Thanks for the advise on e-mailing Keely. I appreciate it.

    Also, come "claim your prize" in my blog. This is the second time around I chose you for a "Week's Best Looks". =)

    Thanks, Ada. <3

  13. Hooray for you! Those DIY-ed pants are great! And they go great with the shirt and sweater. I love how aquarium it all looks.

  14. I love what you did with these pants - very creative and a much smaller price tag than the ones you saw months ago! Nice!!

  15. Wow these are so cool Megan! I love how you made them more "you". I always find that the more "me" a piece is, the more I wear it and look better in it because I feel better in it!

  16. I love how you spend your Sundays - making the style world a cooler place :)

  17. The trousers look great MM, what a result. I like that you took them and made them more you. You ahould wear that shade of green more too, it 'pops' on you..


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