Friday, November 16, 2012

Fashion Challenge: Grey

Sweater - handmade gift from reader Sonja
Dress - Karen Kane
Custom Harness - Audra Jean
Tights - Anna Sui
Shoes - vintage
Bee necklace - handmade gift from Tamera

Grey! The greatest of all neutrals. Not as harsh as black, more versatile than anything. Works on any coloring with just the right shade. I have a ton of grey in my closet. So the logical choice was to wear as much of it as possible at the same time. 

I also happily added my new necklace from Tamera who made the gorgeous piece out of an image from a 1913 children's science book! Look bees! The honeycomb shape looks so awesome against the wide knit of the sweater. Also it's technically a double sided necklace as there's grasshoppers on the back. I'll have to wear it around the other way next time.

Beeeeeees! Thanks, Tamera!

Thanks to all who participated in Keely and my fashion challenge. It's been another wonderful week with you all. Hopefully you'll take some time to visit the other participants and say hello. If you did participate, don't forget to send Keely at kkmkreations[at]live[dot]com one of your looks for a round up. Thanks again and make sure to join us next time!


  1. I like the touch of color from your tights! But I do love gray! It's one of the easiest neutrals to work with, like you said, it goes with everything!

    I love the detail on your necklace!!

    And thanks again for hosting another fun challenge!!

  2. Hell yeah, let's hear it for grey! I love everything here, and the rich colour of those tights works so well with the grey. (That necklace is so cool! I love bees.)

    Thanks again for hosting! It was so much fun.

  3. I love that necklace! And you're right, it works do well with the sweaters weave!

  4. Whaaaaat? That necklace is literally the bee's knees! I love it! Grey is a great neutral and one I have a lot of as well. It is somewhat mysterious in a prim and proper way. Have a great weekend Megan!

  5. You've reminded me to wear grey more frequently; I have plenty to choose from, so just needed your inspiration. Love the unique custom harness!

  6. This outfit is my fave!

    Tamera so needs an Etsy shop :o Beautiful!

  7. Love this outfit and the pop of the cool tights!!
    Glad you like the necklace!!! It does really look cool with the weave of the sweater.

    I've got plans for more after Christmas!!!

  8. Beautiful necklace! I love your grey look.

    I envy your harnesses every time you wear them. -_- (-->This is me scowling with envy!) Although, I don't think they'd look the same/as nice on me as they do on you.

  9. I love those tights! I have to wear some of my fun ones soon. What a gorgeous necklace from Tamera!

  10. So great!!! The bee pendant + sweater combo makes me a bit delirious in their perfection together, and you are going to totally crack up when you see my Grey Day outfit! Nice way to finish out the Fashion Challenge!

  11. Great finale, M! I adore your new bee pendant from Tamera - that woman can do it all. Wonderful sweater too.

  12. Love this! The sweater is gorgeous over that dress. I hope to catch up on blog reading this weekend. It's been a long tiring week.

  13. That is the most divine sweater. It is the softest grey. And the bee/grasshopper pendant is inspired. Great week topper! I am so into your harness.

  14. GRAY IS THE GREATEST OF NEUTRALS, I AGREE 100%. I think Beige/sand is a very close second. Like you I own a lot of Gray. Love it. And like you, I wanted to incorporate as much of it as possible on my Gray Day Outfit. I actually found this challenge even better than the last one that I participated, a lot more colorful, but at the same time more challenging, since I just hit my 7-month pregnancy mark, this time around. =)

    You look so put-together, cute & awesome in this. Between the fun-patterned wine tights with matching shoes, the beautiful hand-made sweater, the darker gray dress, as well as your funky accessories: harness belt & necklace, you really created a beautiful outfit. I think the Gray Day and the Wine Day were my favorite outfits of yours. =) Like Patti said, A GREAT FINALE!!

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  16. Your challenge has succeeded in pushing people to be more creative. When we have limitations, our minds work out ingenious ways around them. Many of the participants did things this week I've not seen them do before. You were the catalyst.

    Has anyone ever called you that before? Perhaps you can put it on your business card: "MMD - Fashion Catalyst"

    1. Lol! Can that be my actual career? It sounds a lot more fun than anything I've been considering lately.

  17. I love this outfit! Excellent pairing of the tights and the sweater.

  18. I am agreeing with your new official title via Ally. That jumper really is spectacular and I like the unexpected pairing with the harness. Very, very nice. i have really enjoyed it, and the intriduction to some other, new to me, bloggers. Thans again to you and Keely for organising.

  19. Hi Megan! I am amassing more and more gray due to the Mr. and his love of it! I had never considered it much before him, but I agree now that it is the king of neutrals!! Or should I saw queen? :) I was late getting in, but did post my gray and mustard adventures today! It was a fun week looking at the posts and playing along! Thanks!!


  20. Wow, you lookamazing in grey!! Thank you again for hosting this lots of fun challenge!


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