Friday, July 6, 2012

Power On

Cupid Blouse - All Saints
Skirt - The limited, thrifted
Sandals - thrifted

So if you follow me on twitter (@MeganMaeDaily) you'll know I've been without power about half the day. Our neighborhood got hit by strong winds this afternoon, knocking over trees and power lines. Our house was thankfully undamaged. However the bad day just kept going.

D and I decided to escape the un-airconditioned house and 100+F weather by heading over to Panera to get some lunch and use their wifi, but half way over our car overheated and broke down. Awesome. 

D's parents came out and got us, tried to fix the car, but ultimately had it towed. Thankfully the power is back on now, but it was a truly miserable afternoon. I hope everyone else is safe from the storms, be careful if they're heading your way. The one that hit our neighborhood cropped up so fast we barely got to the hall before the windows were rattling.

The final cherry on the top of this craptastic day is that these sandals are totally torn up now. I promised myself no more thrifted shoes and lost my head when encountering these gorgeous things in the Good Samaritan store, but after just two wears the sole is crumbling. Goodbye cute shoes.


  1. Dang! Well, at least you made it home safely and nothing in your house was damaged. Here's to a better day!!

  2. Sorry about the shoes. Sorry about the car. Sorry about the power. If misery comes in three's, tomorrow is bound to be better! (and after your reply last night, I dug out a pair of fishnets. I'm gonna try it!)

  3. Sad for the shoes - but at least they turned out to be less than a buck a wear, yes? Love the tie in your hair.

    I wasn't on Th' Twitter at all today, so just found out about storms, power loss, and car. Bless you guys' hearts. It's been one of those weeks for me, too -- I told someone this afternoon that it was just one of those weeks that went on and on and on - and needed to be over.

    Heh, got my Vog annual sale email, and found a pair to be bad over, but Fate intervened and knocked good sense into my head - didn't have 'em in my size. Whew. Trying to figure out moratorium on all shopping, i.e. what's reasonable, how long, find some other form of therapy, etc. :P

  4. Man, your day wins at suckage. Bury your face in a kitten; that always helps!

    Tomorrow HAS to be better.

  5. I am so bummed out about your shoes and your power and your car!!!!! I am so sorry for your craptastic day Megan! I HATE those! But the good thing about it is that the next day is usually FANtastic. Even if it sucks, it is usually loads better than the day before. Hugs from Colorado hun! I suggest a pie for tonight. And fast!

  6. oy, i know those days well - hang in there! and pay attention in the heat - the first summer i spent in my current place it hit 114F. they had to close down one of the main hiways because the asphalt melted, power outages all over so we couldn't use the a/c and i got a bit of heat stroke. you can find all the smart stuff to do online, just remember to do it when you need to :)

    dang, woman, every time i go to all saints (online or irl) nothing works at all on me. But every time i see you wearing one of their pieces, i'm like 'where can i get me some of that!?!?' heehee! i esp. loved that dress yesterday with the fencenets, a supremely sensible idea for dealing with the heat as well as completely awesome.

    Lynne i got that same e-mail....i'm dying for those wonder everests but i do not think it is in the cards. i enjoy being virtuous as much as the next girl, but a little sin helps the halo shine brighter - doesn't it?

    Megan Mae i'll keep my fingers crossed that tomorrow treats you better! steph

    1. Thanks, Steph. They're calling for rain over the weekend so I hope it finally ebbs back. We're definitely doing all we can to beat the heat.

      I haven't been having much luck with recent All Saints stuff, most of my pieces are from 2010/2011 or earlier. Their newer square cuts aren't as flattering as past seasons. Ebay occasionally has some good deals, usually things are still outside my usual budget. I have to thank Megan of the Fashionable Bureaucrat for passing on two dresses that did not fit her. I find I still have to do minor alterations to some things to suit my petite frame.

    2. Steph, Megan has helped re-direct my badness to saving for a pair of Frye boots for fall :P

      Megan, because of you I looked at all the All Saints on eBay, got my heart set on one dress, and then laughed at myself, because I'd have no place to wear it :P

  7. oh noes! I am sorry to hear about all your woes :( but! you look absolutely adorable in this outfit, broken shoes or not! I LOVE that All Saints top! It's gorgeous!

    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights
    the shop of worldly delights

  8. Aww that is a series of crappy things! But I am glad you finally made it home. The sandals look great, too bad they are tearing :'(

  9. Wow that is a veeeery bad day!!
    Hope next day will be better.

    Is the car ok now?

    Sad for the shoes, they are cute.

    XO arezu

  10. Yikes! What a horrible day, especially when it was so stinking hot out! I hate days where everything that can go wrong does. I hope the car is ok?

    I'm sorry to see those shoes go, they are very cute. I like the pink and gray combo you have too.

    I hope the rest of the weekend is better and that you get some relief from the heat soon. We got a cold front yesterday and the temp dropped 30 degrees last night. Fresh air. Happy sigh.

  11. O man. That is a really craptastic day. I would have to agree. On the upside- your shirt is amazing and looks so perfect on you! I really love how the print falls on your frame. Have a better weekend!

    Hannah Tattoos and Pearls

  12. Wow, what a day. You still look fabulous, how do you do it? Hope you find a very cool spot today, and enjoy.

  13. Sorry, babe. Bad days remind us to be grateful for boring days.

  14. Oh my gosh, what an awful day! You look georgeous, though, especially that shirt (love the tie in your hair).

    Hope today is better, hon.

  15. Crumbled shoes is crummy! That sucks. =( So does hot weather with no power. I hope today brings better events.

    Love the dip dyed skirt. Fabulous!

  16. Oh noes what an awful day, hope teverything is better now. Oh it sucks that you had to let those gorgous shoes go.

  17. What a carry on in the heat, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
    Looking really nice though, dear Megan.
    I only buy leather boots, sandals are a difficult secondhand buy.

  18. The colour(s) of that skirt are absolutely electrifying! I'm really loving the way you wore it.
    And I have no idea how you're still alive after being in an un-air conditioned house of that temperature!


  19. Ohhh too bad about those cute shoes. You still look adorable and I should have purchased that skirt when I had the chance. I heard about the bad weather. Half of Michigan lost power, too, for like 3 days.


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