Monday, July 9, 2012

Excess(ively awesome)

Wool blend Tee - Ann Taylor, thrifted
Jeans - Divided, thrifted
Boots - John Fluevog, ebay
Obi belt and Buttonflower - MMD
Wrist cuff - vintage via Mom
Or "Quitting While You're Ahead"

I love shopping at Goodwill's Super Saturday Sale. Everything in the store is 50% their already super low prices. I always find amazing deals in the racks. I loaded up on new ties, transforming only a portion of my haul into some lovely new obi belts over the weekend. I also came away with some clothing, despite my best intentions.

Reflecting on my purchases (3 tops and 2 skirts) I realized it's best to quit while I'm ahead. I now own 4 light blue shirts. Two were gifted, two were thrifted. They're all different styles, two have prints, two have collars, one has pleats.

I also now own 3 green skirts. As someone who struggles to find the right fit with skirts, I'm happy to buy any skirt that meets my needs. Until I realize that I have 3 green skirts - all distinctly different, but still far too much for a person who has about 10 skirts.

My plans for this week is to re-edit my closet of things that don't fit and can't be altered. Look over my transitions for fall/winter, and work on creating with the materials I have. I'm really thrilled with the newest obis, including this fabulous red and black combo.

I dressed to match the manicure my MIL got me. I think the polish is My Private Jet by O.P.I (newer version) with tiny hearts on the middle fingers. My fingers are the color of a graphite pencil! I love it. I honestly don't like painting my nails, but it keeps me from biting them. 

What do you do to treat yourself? I enjoy cooking myself a good meal or watching a favorite movie. Lately I've also been taking the time to draw a few times a week.


  1. I love that red obi belt with the red pants! Fun look! I too have been feeling like I need to look at my wardrobe again and transition out a few things. I'm not doing so well with the one in, one out policy I had set for myself.

    I love your nails! They look great! My self manicure is already chipping away. Next time I need a top coat.

    I like to go out for a nice quiet dinner with my hubby to treat myself. Or go for a massage or a pedicure.

  2. Aw how nice of your MIL to get you a manicure! You've matched it perfectly! Wow it does sound as if you are on a light blue roll! I really need to pace myself with thrifting as well ESPECIALLY on Goodwill Super Saturdays. Those are dangerous. I love your black and red today Megan!

  3. I know what you're talking about re: thrifting and excess : > Because it's so affordable, we can really go to town, but then wind up with a too-full closet. So I love your plan, to examine your transitional clothes, and to move out the items that don't work anymore. Your obi belts will freshen up lot of older outfits!

    Your mani is smokin'!

  4. I love this new obi belt! The red and black is an excellent combo. Great nails too - I also rarely do my nails, but I don't bite them. There just doesn't seem to be any point to it, as they'd get dinged up when I play Ultimate.

  5. With each new obi belt, you outdo yourself. They just keep getting more and more beautiful.

    It is challenging to edit a closet when thrifting makes it so easy...not to. I keep buying the same shirt over and over...must

  6. I love the nail color and the obi with this look. I'm in the slow process of weeding through my closet and I'm finding excesses of several things too.

  7. I love how you dressed up a simple tee and jeans look with the belt - you look fantastic, as always!

  8. That belt totally takes this look up a notch - I love the idea of a fabric high waisted belt! Nice work girl :)


  9. Cute Outfit!!!
    I'm with you on the excessive thrifting--sometimes it's just too good to leave but seriously my closet needs editing!! I've been going thru everything and being brutal--i know i can pass it on to a clothing charity we have at church.
    Now I'm honing in on my fall neeeds list and "trying" not to deviate from it!

  10. Cute nails! I like the red and black combo. At one point in my life, I had 7 pairs of black pants. I guess we gravitate towards the same things again and again. Is it being stuck in a rut or simply knowing what works best for us?

  11. Cute outfit!!
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  12. Aww I have the same problem as you biting my nails. How do you kick this awful habit, away? I am trying fake nails now.

    Anyhow, super-cute outfit. Love love this particular OBI. =)


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