Friday, July 20, 2012


Dress - Ruby Rox, swap
Flats - United Nude
Necklace - via Mom

Even though I consider myself quite the Southern girl, I still wilt in this type of heat. The storms last night made no dent in the crispy grass or the glaring sunshine today. Normally I'd spend a day like this cloistered inside doing whatever work I could inside, but school time is quickly approaching and I needed to go and sort out some stuff down at the college.

Except they've got the campus half-torn up due to construction so trying to park and figure out how to get to the actual offices I needed to get to was irritating and heat-headache inducing. Between their website redesign, campus "remodeling", and subsequent raising of tuition I'm really dreading dealing with this year. After spending two afternoons at the college, I'm not any closer to being signed up for my classes, but I do finally have a heads up on who my adviser is and hopefully will have some answers soon. 

Despite various frustrations of the past few weeks, I've had a number of smiles - including packages from some of my favorite bloggers. Today's pick me up came in the form of - napkins! Cocktail napkins to be specific. I got these from Ally yesterday, and having a kick-ass napkin to go with my pity-party lunch of turkey and apple sandwich with a chocolate dipped strawberry made my afternoon a little sweeter.

And since I've avoided discussing my daily outfits lately - This dress is one I got from Lynne when she visited Tennessee. It used to have a cap sleeve and was about 3 inches too long in the bust on me. It sat around for awhile until I got around to taking it up. Also I'm not sure if I've mentioned it before - but the DH hates these shoes. No idea why, not even he was able to explain why. They remind me of aliens or old fashioned flintstone-style stuff. I will wear these shoes til they fall apart.

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  1. I love this dress on you! It's cute and the pattern is very fun!

    Sounds like a headache as to getting your classes figured out. Glad you at least have your adviser! I hope the construction eases up before your classes start too. When do you go back?

    And I'm right there with you on the heat.

    And my present to you will be mailed tomorrow. I went to get stamps and the credit card machine was down at the post office. Sigh.

  2. The dress is really cute. L also takes dislikes to certain items I own, and I always try to narrow down exactly what it is that he dislikes about them. He usually doesn't know right off the bat.

    Present (the belt) coming for you next week - I've been horribly lazy about mailing this week.

  3. Your hubby probably dislikes your shoes because they look like crocs. I know that my husband can't stand certain outfits of mine, but it doesn't stop me (muhahhaha)!

  4. LOL so these are the culprit hated shoes you spoke of. You are right--men just don't have a clue. I love your pretty dress. Sorry about all the run around today--I hope it gets easier (and cooler!) for you soon!

  5. I love those shoes and that dress. Wear what makes you happy!

    I've been meaning to ask, where are you when you take your photos? I first thought you were standing in front of a fire truck, not a skyjack. =)

    1. I'm in my back yard/driveway. My FIL has been putting up this metal garage structure and borrowed the skyjack. It's full of industrial tools and metal pieces. He's finished the 3-walls that will be metal, but the front wall hasn't been built. The lack of wall lets in the best light without it being direct and it's about 15 degrees cooler in the shade.

  6. I love what you did with that dress! As an alternative to shopping, I'm going to try to "re-model" that vintage King's Row dress this weekend. Love the print, not the line. So it's sew, wash dogs, and stay outta thrift stores. No eBay.

    Big, big virtual hug. I miss you so much, but it helps to see some of my former clothes looking way more beautiful and chic on your blog :D

  7. The dress fits nicely now and unlike DH, I like the shoes. Wish there was a way to make enrolling simpler.

  8. Hi Lovely! I feel your pain. Although it's been marginally cooler here (Like 90 instead of 100), it's also been more humid. As soon as you walk outside you're dripping. I'd never know from your picture that you were feeling the heat, however. I also like the shoes. Joey has some issues with a few of my sartorial favorites, so I try to wear them when he isn't around, sort of out of respect. I love your dress, and as always, your hair is fabulous.

  9. Wow you look amazing!
    Such a beautiful dress!

    I hope you feel better soon.

    XO Arezu

  10. I get a weird thrill seeing something from me on your blog. It makes you seem more real to me and not just a BFF of my imagination.

    The print of your dress is interesting. It reminds me of molecular biology, like something that exists but is too small for us to see.

  11. Megan--I toally know what you mean about the miserable heat draining yopu. Finally cooled off todaywith some rain!!
    That dress is adorable-love it with the shoes!
    hope you get your school stuff straightened out quickly and easily!

  12. The dress is just adorable, and I love the shoes too. It's always shoes that my husband has a dislike for - he seems to pretty much like everything else in my closet. I think he has a thing for high heels (doh!) and I don't. : >

  13. sorry you had some frustrations this week. hope you're able to have a relaxing weekend! love that dress, it's so cute.

  14. Pretty dress. I love the print and color combo. And I LOVE those shoes!

  15. Megan, I love this dress. Awesome print and style and I agree much better sleeveless than cap-sleeved. I also like empire waists. This dress would be something I would wear as well.

    My husband very often likes what I wear and how I style myself. He happens to think I am quite stylish, though he has disliked some things and made some funny faces every now and then. Men don't know better than women when it comes to style. I think the fact that they look like crocs, makes those ballet flats even more adorable and what a fun color!!


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