Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Uniformed

Tank - Banana Republic, gift from Lynne
Necklace - gift from Lynne
Star Trek Badge - Thinkgeek, birthday gift
Pearl Hart Pumps - John Fluevog

As someone who quite dislikes actual uniforms, I have an bizarre obsession with Star Trek uniforms. I love the color blocking, the very fitted, functional shapes. I even kind of like the weird split front pant legs. I got a wonderful care package from Lynne in the mail on Monday, and this freaking adorable tank was inside. Made me feel very Beverly Crusher. How could I not wear it with my Trek pin, 21st birthday gift.

The shoes weren't the best match, but simply put - I've gotten rid of a ton of shoes. I feel kindof sad over it, but I'm trying to make what I have work instead of feeling like "omg I need a basic black shoe" - because I don't! I hardly wear them when I do own them. Although I do miss those Sam and Libby flats in the fifth look below. They were perfect. (Sorry no links to past posts)

Obsession with blocked, Trek-inspired looks. 


  1. LOL, I guess you do kind of wear a lot of Trek inspired clothing, but it works so well on you! This tank is no exception, it looks fantastic! And the pin is a fun touch too!

  2. Love the Star Trek pin! The tank does look very Star Fleet. I hope you still have the black and red dress.

    1. I do! Just haven't gotten to wear it much because it's a heavy knit and some % wool. We had a very hot winter and even hotter summer.

  3. What a cool look that displays your interests and personality Megan! I really applaud you on your minimalistic approach on shoes--I don't think I'd have the discipline!

  4. I thought "Star Trek" as soon as I saw the thumbnail in Google Reader! Love this look on you (and I always liked Beverly the best!).

    I think the shoes go beautifully.

  5. Oh man, I freaking love a Star Trek pin on *anything* - and this top is perfect for it. I donated a pair of classic black pumps today b/c they hurt my toes. I might miss them, but I can't have hurting feet. Love the Fluevog shade of blue.

  6. Ha! You look awesome! Best Star Trek look so far!

  7. Wow. I am a doofus. I never even saw Star Trek in that blouse, even though I was gonna marry Mr. Spock when I grew up. I just saw a modern color-blocking experiment for you! This is freakin' creative and awesome, but I also see some classic Audrey Hepburn like possibilities for this stop too. Which I totally would have kept had it fit

  8. I would love to have an interest that played so seamlessly into clothing choices!

  9. I swoooooooned over that pin. Oh heck yes. I love your color blocking outfits too!

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  10. That's a fabulous tank! I see you remixing it a ton. And the pin is perfect.:)

  11. It's neat how the pin can take us right to Star Trek

  12. Great tank, cool to see you transform it into a ST uniform. I have a Next Generation shirt which I wore for Halloween in NYC a few years ago and, because of how I look (short hair, conservative male adult), everyone reacted as if I were really in Starfleet. That was amusing.

  13. Oh, love the Star Trek influence! How fun! You've totally inspired me to try something Trek-ish myself... I used to watch Trek every day. I even bought my baby boy a Trek onesie--in Captain Kirk yellow, of course. ;)

    I found your site through Rags Against the Machine and am a new follower!

  14. Fun outfits. I especially love the geometric Black & Red dress. I love it with that Cloche Hat.

    This top is cute too, sort of Futuristic but I love it. =))


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