Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Last Call

Godiva Tank - All Saints
Custom Harness - Audra Jean
Belt - thrifted
Star Skirt - Versace Jean Couture, thrifted
Logic oxfords - Cydwoq 

Bring on the heat! Temps soar back in the 90s this week. Hubs was heading out on the job hunt so I hopped along for the ride towards Nashville to work with my little fuzzyheads and their socialization skills, which apparently consists of lots of snuggling and chewing on me. I actually managed to snap a picture of ALL FIVE cats. Annabelle was sleeping hanging off the bed.. silly girl. Also yes, I take lots of photos of them while they're sleeping. It's the only time they're still enough to get a clear picture. They have boundless energy and rarely sit still unless they're asleep.

For the current moment, we're keeping Bruce, too. His potential owner backed out, but the loss is on her. Brucie is such a sweet boy, my batfaced kitty. He's doing a lot better today, not as shy or skittish. I even managed to get him to sleep and play with the DH before we left my Mom's place. 

Today I took my thrifted Versace skirt out for one last spin. I've decided that I don't care if I'm in my 20s, I don't like mini-skirts. Even if they are covered in stars. It's just too short for me. It's going back into the donation bag tonight to become someone else's golden find, while making space for my upcoming thrifting trip with Lynne!


  1. Aw, I'm sad that skirt is getting the boot! It looks nice on you.

    Cute little kitty cat feet there!

    1. I really love it, but to be blunt, my booty is too big for it! It has practically no stretch and rides up when I sit. For decency's sake, it's going home with somebody else. :P

  2. So glad to hear that the little kitties are doing well. I love seeing photos of them here on the blog. Sorry to hear that the skirt just doesn't work. It's super adorable, but you're right, comfort is key. I've parted with so many garments that just didn't meet my comfort standards.

  3. Bummer about the skirt--it's so cute! But yay!!! about Bruce! These pictures of the kitties are too stinking cute and I love that you added your harness to this outfit!

  4. Any outfit with your harness is instantly more wow! Thanks for more kitty pictures, I can't get enough of them. Bruce is so, so adorable.

  5. Kitty cat paws!!!

    Out with the skirt and happy shopping

  6. I was lamenting your decision to get rid of that skirt until I read "to become someone else's golden find". That's the crux of why we love thrifting - because someone passes on fabulous things or us to find and get excited about. Awesome!

    Love those pink paw pads!

  7. Hello kitties!!! You are all so adorable and sweet! And yes, totally the person's loss on Brucie. And your gain. :)

    I understand about the short skirt thing, I was never into short skirts even when I was young enough for it to be acceptable. And like you said, someone else may absolutely love it and now you can find something equally awesome for your own closet!

  8. Yup, I never feel sad about letting something go from my closet, because I know someone is going to love it and give it a good home. Get rid of the skirt if it's not working for you!

    Aw, such sweet kitties. :) Happy to hear you are keeping Bruce for now as well. I love the spot on the pink pad.

  9. I like that you purge the closet to make room for new stuff! Now that reminds me I need to do some cleaning out myself. I am in LOVE with the pic of those widdle pink piggies! Who doesn't love widdle tiny kitten feet?

  10. Bruce sounds like a sweetie. I'm sure he'll get less shy if he gets lots of love.

  11. Love the All Saints tank! In my forties, and still love minis (though not micro-minis) although just above the knee is my favourite length. I've tossed back a few golden finds in my day, and regard it as good thrifting karma.

    Bat-faces FTW.

  12. So sad to see Versace go.:( It's just adorable.

  13. I covet your harness belt seriously. And that kitteh's li'l pink paws are soooooooo cute!

    I ruthlessly purged my closet this weekend and made a new rule. For everything new in, something old goes out. Starting with the stuff that survived the purge, but I still don't feel terrific in when I wear.


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