Thursday, April 26, 2012

Meet my goal

Kitty Dress (altered) - All Saints, gift from Megan
scorpion  Belt - thrifted
Shoes - Fly London
 Socks - gift

Last day of actual classes. I decided to pull out my favorite (and only!) LBD. I removed the sleeves (you guys saw this coming..)  I can actually put outerwear over this dress now. I couldn't resist pairing it with this scorpion belt. I thrifted this belt a couple of months ago, but have gone through an "anti-belt" phase lately. I was reminded of the belt when I was checking out Goodwill's wares on Wednesday and stumbled upon a pair of lobster embroidered pants (no, they weren't my size - I checked *sad face*).

So yesterday, DH and I were about to go to our usual Wednesday plans, which were unfortunately canceled last minute. So at home I turned to Twitter where Hillary began the inspiration for the first couple of drawings I've done in months. You can check the "MMD figurine" out on my About Me page.

Additionally Hillary gave me a great idea. Megan Mae Daily is not funded by outside advertising. I don't do paid posts or reviews. I did one sponsored giveaway with a company and decided it wasn't for me. However, Megan Mae Daily is a fashion blog. The content here is funded by myself and husband, my family and friends' generous gifts and swaps, and my savvy thrifting and clearance shopping. 

However in yesterday's blog post I wrote about my proposed shopping "ban" (formed after the thrifting trip was a bust), which will consist of exercise and tucking money away (for a pair of Trippen boots) in lieu of a Goodwill trip.

And now that I'm in my final days of the semester I'm thrilled to say I'm back open for art commissions! To paraphrase Hillary, the drawings are great for blog headers, crops are good for icon photos on social networking sites, and would even be cute on a business cards.

I also have a brand new batch of buttonflowers  in lots of new colors. Check out the ready made pieces I have posted or email me for a special request. Both art commissions and buttonflower sales will be going into my savings fund.


  1. I love this dress! It suits you perfectly. The scorpion belt is perfect. Too bad the lobster pants didn't fit. You would have rocked those!


  2. This is seriously adorable. And those boots, whoa, amazing. A worthy goal.

  3. The goal sounds fun and thrifty!!

    Happy last day of class! Exams finished here last Friday, and I never realized how quiet a campus can get! It's weird working when there are no students around!

  4. You look crazy-good in that dress, Megan! The scorpion belt is so fun!

    A very laudable goal - and you're earning the money with your talent, so why not?

  5. Oh, that belt! Awesome. That dress looks great on you.

    Good luck with your goal! Brilliant idea.

  6. Very cool what you did with that dress.

    Great idea for the boot savings. Will be hitting you up for flower buttons shortly. You're also a very talented artist!

  7. First of all yay for the end of classes!

    Second of all that is a cute LBD and I think I love it even more because it is called the kitty dress. So awesome. And it looks cute on you which is equally important.

    Thirdly yay for art commissions! Cannot wait to see what comes if it! I am so not am artist but I totally love and appreciate those who are! I might be contacting you - I want a new blog header. We should chat!

  8. That is one kick a$$ drawing on your "about me" page! I love it! If I wasn't an illustrator myself (or already in possession of a MM portrait) I'd be all over it! What a great idea!

    1. I know! I think one of these days I need to commission me a Keely-drawing. ;)

  9. I like that dress, and I think that removing the sleeves was a good call.

  10. Oh Megan I am so happy and excited for you! You are going to do great, I just know it. You are a very talented artist. Congrats on the finishing school too! So many good things happening to you and for you right now. This is an excellent time in your life. Love the LBD too and that lobster belt is totally cute!

  11. So funny - I have been on an anti-belt kick myself lately too. For me, it's mostly out of laziness more than anything!

  12. Megan, you are an amazing artist! Love your style and personality!!

  13. That belt is too cool for words. Wow.


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