Monday, February 27, 2012

Starry cement

Sheer blouse - thrifted
Sweater - Etoile, thrifted 
Jeans - Levi Strauss, thrifted
Shoes - Fly London
Today I took my second step towards fighting my own anxieties and fears and honor my Lent resolution. I have a really hard time making actual phone calls and prefer to text or email. Not to mention - last night I dropped my phone in my cereal bowl. (I so wish I was joking). So I decided to make a trip to the place I needed to get in contact with for a class. I got a little bonus as I was leaving the building - stars stamped in the cement! I tried to snap a photo since I thought it was so cool.

As for the outfit, it's still pretty warm here, but I wanted to be dressed nice enough if I did end up in a meeting. This is the second sheer blouse I've nabbed from Goodwill. I love the added effect the print gives to the sweater and hope to play around with layers a bunch more before the hot weather really sets in. I'm not usually into polka dots, but I think both of these match my personal aesthetic.

Updated to add: I switched out the sweater for a leatherette jacket and my Fly London pumps for my newest Miu Miu "pumdals" (pump sandal fusion). Not a huge change, but it was nice to wear out.


  1. Loving the stars on the sidewalk and that pretty polka dot blouse! I would MUCH rather prefer email or text to phone calls both for time management and I have a "thing" about talking to people over the phone. Good for you!

  2. How fun - I love the stars in the cement...and the dots on your blouse! You look very proper, and I'm sure you made a great impression in person! Good for you for pushing through that fear!

  3. I like meeting with people in person. I feel better when I can see their faces and read their emotions. I usually get an answer right away when I see someone in person, but they could dodge my emails for days.

    Sorry your phone went swimming in your cereal. :(

    1. That's definitely what I prefer. I either like to be able to control my information via typing or by actually being able to hand people the appropriate info/read body language/etc. It's so hard to communicate with just the phone for me.

  4. Really like this outfit. The blouse and the sweater go so well together! And those Fly London shoes are so, so cool.

  5. Love that blouse! I have my eye on some sheer blouses at a local thrift store - but waiting for markdowns :)

    I have to talk on the phone all day - so rarely talk on the phone at night. Love my understanding writing friends!

  6. I prefer texts and emails too, but my job has helped me to get more comfortable with making phone calls, since there is no way to avoid them.

  7. I prefer texts and emails too, but only because I feel like I am on the phone all day for my job. My family and friends usually gets the short end of the stick when it comes to communicating with me, lol.

    I absolutely LOVE this look for today! Well, both looks. That sheer blouse is fantastic paired with both the sweater and the leather jacket. Heather

  8. Stunning! I love the double dots. I love that blouse too! And Mui Mui? Very cool.

    I woke up to 2 inches of snow! Eek! It was gone by mid afternoon. But it's still freezing here.:(

  9. Really adore that red dotted sweater. It's so classic and the color is wonderful. And I'm so glad you shared the star shapes pressed into the cement. No one takes enough time during the day to notice the small stuff. It's wonderful to see. :)

    Callie @

  10. I'm the opposite- I think my friends get annoyed with all my calls and voicemails and would prefer I text but I don't like how you can't tell the tone of voice in a text. Love this red top on you- the pattern mixing is perfect!

  11. What a fantastic sweater - and so you!

  12. I am SO proud of you!!! You're so much stronger than you think. I hope your phone is okay... :)

    I really like both versions of the outfit - the polka dots make me happy!

  13. Loved your red sweater and looking gorgeous!

  14. You look so insanely good in red! Ugh, I hate talking on the phone too, it makes me crazy nervous, I don't know why!

  15. I share your phobia about the phone -- I hate it and avoid it at all costs (especially now that I have trouble hearing? It makes it 10 times worse).


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