Wednesday, February 22, 2012


 Jacket - Theory, ebay
Blouse - 4everyoung
Jeans - The Limited, thrifted
Shoes - Eject, ebay

Shopping would be a good thing to give up for lent. I don't usually do Lent because I'm not particularly religious in that aspect, and other than shopping, I'm not really an overly indulgent person. I like stuff, I like good (and bad for me) foods. But I am usually quite moderate in my consumption.

So this year I'm giving up fear for Lent. I let myself make too many decisions out of anxiety and panic. I have put off too much, making phone calls, making appointments, so I am going to aim to let go of my fears and work hard. And hopefully, it won't end at Easter, but continue on into a habit.

Reasons I'm glad I didn't quit shopping yet- this jacket. I usually stick to ridged search perimeters when ebayiing, but I happily stumbled across this jacket in someone's shop. After some research, I realized it was an absolute STEAL for her BIN and snapped it up before someone else found it. Theory leather jackets at retail go from $599-800 or more. I did spend more than I might at Goodwill ($60), but I usually don't stumble across things like this there. I think I've caught Sheila's leather obsession.

The leather still has lots of room to break in, but it's soft and comfortable. Plus the seaming on the inner elbow allows for comfortable movement (my biggest problem when it comes to leather). Speaking of seaming, this has my favorite kind. You can kind of see on yesterday's blouse, it has nearly identical seams. It also has my favorite mandarin-style collar.


  1. Oh that jacket is perfection on you. LOVE!

    I know how you feel with the fear and anxiety. I give up a lot because of that too. We should both stop.

  2. What an awesome jacket - I have a grey leather one I always forget about! Time to dig it out for spring!

  3. Love the jacket! I like the striped shirt under it too.

    Giving up fear and anxiety is a great idea! I am giving up shopping, I need a good excuse to force myself to stick to a shopping ban for a little while, so I'm giving it a go.

  4. What a killer jacket! And sounds like it was a bargain at $60.

    You'll find with leather, that it will stretch out and conform to your body shape - that's one of the wonderful features of it. It will become very personal to you. Don't worry about wear; that's part of the charm.

    I'm excited for warmer weather so I can start digging out my leather outerwear (the yellow jacket has been calling to me!). I did include my black leather shirt in my 10-item challenge this week and I'm wearing it today.

    Thanks for the link, darlin'! You're awesome. :) Let me know when your Smoking Lily belt arrives - I mailed it about a week ago, so it should be arriving soon.

    1. I'm looking forward to it conforming. I was actually drawn to this jacket because I thought it would distress well.

      I love your yellow jacket and can't wait to see more of it!

  5. Oh, and there I go blathering on when I fully intended to address your Lenten vow. Giving up fear is such a good choice!

    I know it's a cliche, but live without regrets. We never regret the things we DO (even the silly or f**ked up things, lol), only the things we don't do. Life is so short - don't miss out.

  6. That jacket is freakin' amazing - I love that it's GREY and $60? Total steal. I thought about giving up wine for Lent and then had a good laugh. :)

  7. I neeeeeed a jacket like that! it`s very cool and never gets old!

    XO Arezu

  8. I don't do Lent, but what a great idea to give up fear! I could get so much more done in my life if I stopped avoiding things because I was scared. Keep us updated on your progress!

  9. What a beautiful jacket. I like the seams and the darker bits of color. It gives it a more vintagy look. It ought to be a very good piece to have for years to come. It certainly fits you perfectly.

  10. What a lovely way to view a spring board for future discipline and habits.

  11. love this look. so happy I found your blog. totally following. can't wait to read more. if you get a sec, I'd love if you'd check out mine. It's all about the adventures of a small town girl taking on the LA fashion scene. xo

  12. Awesome jacket and quite a steal!!

  13. That is a steal! I love seeing what everyone is doing for Lent. Hopefully we'll all keep each other accountable! I tell you, getting out of bed this morning at 7:02 was hard, and I expect the week will only make it harder. But you're right - if we make it to Easter, it'll likely stick longer!

  14. That is a gorgeous jacket, and a wonderful investment piece! I love the idea of giving up fear for Lent.

  15. Oh, how pretty. Leather is a special material. As Sheila says, it molds to your body.

  16. Oh my Megan! You're two for two as far as I'm concerned! This jacket is gorgeous and I think that your decision to give up fear for Lent is absolutely phenomenal. What a great idea and I am so going to be rooting you on! Great look and great post Megan!

  17. Oh, I LOVE the jacket!! It's different being gray and I just love it!


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