Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Custom Harness - Audra Jean
Blouse - thrifted
Jeans - Mossimo, thrifted
Boots - Frye, ebay
Jacket - H&M, thrifted

I'm in love with this jacket! It's just so comfortable! I decided to take a page out of Audi's book and pair it with my custom harness. I paired mine underneath the jacket this time, but I plan to wear it over it sometime. A bit difficult to see but the top and the jacket have small stripes.

I needed something comfortable, but I just realized I've worn 5 jeans-based outfits in a row, plus a bunch of pants-based. The weather is was nice! (It's windy and rainy now, but still) I need to pull out a skirt or a dress tomorrow. I will remedy this. ^_~

Thanks to everyone who shared their Thanksgiving plans with me yesterday. I will be spending today henna-ing my and my mom's hair and planning our Thanksgiving dinner. Then next week we'll be spending Turkey Day cooking and eating, and probably going to see the movie Hugo. D's parents will be out of town so we'll also be enjoying some R&R before the final weeks of school.


  1. What a cool jacket! It looks like it has stripes on the inside too? The jacket and harness look like they were made to be paired together. Glad you will get a little R&R next week :) Heather

  2. I like the jacket, and the military green goes well with the harness.

  3. Very cute. I'm still admiring your new haircut.

    Thanks for teaching me a cool new word ("dramallamas"). And, reading your comment about online friends, I want to mention that if you ever want to become a closer friend to me, I'd eagerly reciprocate. Your personality is charming; your kindess is manifest; and your style is laudable. You have all the qualities I look for in a friend.

  4. The jacket looks really soft and comfy. And that green color is my new favorite color for redheads. But those boots are amazing! How long do they take to lace up?

  5. That harness is crazy amazing. Love the boots too!

  6. I like that the jacket has the stripes on the cuff - kind of something fun and different, a nice touch!

  7. What a great jacket and as the weather turns from perfect to chilly, I think it is perfectly acceptable to base your outfits on them! Love the boots too!

  8. The tiny stripes are so cute and subtle! I accidentally do that sometimes too where I'll notice I've worn a lot of jeans or worn yellow like 4 days in a row!

  9. Thanks for stopping by my blog with nice comments. I'm loving this halter, and those boots are killer.

  10. I love it! That top is so cute. I love your boots of course. Amd the jacket is so great paired with your harness. I forgot to share my thanksgiving plans- hubby and I will go tour hometown and both sets of parents and my auntie will enjoy a fairly traditional meal at my in-laws. Them well spend the weekend there baking and such. It will be nice.:)

  11. love the harness peaking out from the jacket. the stripes are great and the boots are phenomenal! i love your ebay shoe finds. so fab!


  12. Wow I love the harness! I want one too :D


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