Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Tank - thrifted
Fishnets - DIY from tights
Jeans - American Eagle, gift
Booties - Faryl Robin, ebay
Necklace - gift

Woo! I felt creative today. I thrifted this poor tank over the summer and wore it pretty much solely on weekends. It really didn't feel like my style, but it had some odd staining on one of the straps (you can kind of see it, it's blue), and it reminded me of ice cream. I kind of carried it around for awhile before finally accepting that it couldn't go back on the rack. 

The green fishnets were an impulse purchase thinking I've have tons of outfits to pair them with. Unfortunately the odd shade of green didn't complement many of my dresses, so it got a visit to Mr.Scissors. I think they added a nice contrast to this sweet top. I was kindof down about these boots when I first got them, but I'm not sure how I didn't buy them sooner. The heel/platform height is delish, and they are so comfortable now. Expect the unexpected I guess!

Speaking of guessing, I was wondering the other day - How tall do you think I am? It's easy to find out (just check my swaps page), but I wonder about the height impression I make on my readers. Do I read as tall, petite or average height?


  1. You did a GREAT scissor job....I love them as a top and the statement necklace is kick ass!!!

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  2. I love the layering. Great boots too.

    You look like a petite girl to me...maybe 5'4" or 5'5"?

  3. You look pretty tall to me - maybe 5'4'' or 5'5''?

  4. Oh god I just checked your swaps page and I am so off! :D You look really lean and tall though :)

  5. The fishnets added with tank is so cool! I really like your jeans too. They look really nice on you! Whenever I go thrifting for jeans I look for AE jeans because they fit nice.

    I have checked your swap page before and can't remember, but I believe you are kind of petite. Maybe 5'3 or 5'4?

  6. I love your fishnets!!!! What a great idea. I have a million fishnets that I am not able to wear very much. This might be a DIY I could actually do!

    My guess is 5'6". Am I close? I'm 5'3" and I think you would be taller than me, but not by much.

  7. I know the answer but my impression has always been tall. 5'6 or over.

  8. I think you're about my height (but I think everyone is!): 5'4".

    I like what you did with the fishnets! Cool!

  9. you have the best ideas! i love how you put the netting under this top!!!


  10. Because of your slender frame, I assumed you were about 5'8" or so... I know the real answer: it shocked me!

  11. Oooh! Heights! I remember when I thought Sheila was taller than me, and then found out she a few inches shorter! I figure you're slightly shorter than me around 5'4-5'5. I'm 5'6.

    So how did you diy the fishnet / sleeves?

  12. I am terrible at guessing heights, but I always thought that you are petite.

  13. Love this layered look and those booties are fab with jeans. I wandered upon another pair of Boutique 9 boots yesterday and had to have them. They made me smile all day.:) When I first "met" you I figured you were about 5'4". You look like you have long legs though. It's fun to find out others' real heights too. Cara is only 5'6"?! I would have guessed 5'10"!

  14. That is SUCH a good idea with the fishnets! I love it! And you are right, that top is very chocolate/vanilla swirl ice cream looking... I would guess you are 5'4"? I think I remember you saying you were pretty petite...

  15. OK, I just checked the Swaps page--you're only 5'2''? Wow, I was sure you were around 5'7''. Your legs always look so long and slender. Maybe the heels are fooling me?

    I'm only 5'0'' and I did not think you were a shorty like me. But I think I look my height in my pictures, especially when the "No Parking" sign in front of my door is so much taller than me.


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