Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Fall Trends: Menswear

Leather Piano Tie - gift
Blouse - Banana Republic, thrifted
Skirt - All Saints
Flats - BOC, ebay

Happy Men's Wear/Oversized Pant Day! I stuck with the menswear look because my Mom gave me this leather tie awhile back. I looove the piano design. I knew I'd have to wear it with my All Saints skirt. Now speaking of the skirt... I removed the underskirt.  

Wait! Before you throw things, I removed it because the skirt was just so darn over the top, I felt like it's everyday wearableness was reduced. And for my tiny wardrobe that just doesn't work. So I snipped all that excess fabric off. I'll probably use it for some project or other, but for now, I have a wearable skirt. Also, it made the skirt about two inches shorter, which doesn't overwhelm my figure as much. Oh and in case you were interested, this skirt is back up for sale on the All Saints Archive site.

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Go see Sweet'n'Sage's Menswear and oversized pant look, and hey we sortof match!

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  1. I may still throw things. I understand your reasoning, but it was fabulously over the top. Fine, I'll just look at buying one for myself, with the sole purpose of wearing it around my house like a princess (once I get an ever illusive income!)

    I love how the skirt matches the tie!

  2. I love menswear looks....and yor tie:)
    What a great idea for a series:)

    Enter my Shabby Apple FAB Frock Giveaway!!

  3. I always like menswear mixed with traditionally feminine pieces, so that skirt compliments the top well.

  4. Sometimes it takes little changes like that to make a garment work. I love the skirt - either way. I think it pairs wonderfully with the button down and fun time. You've got the menswear look down without sacrificing feminine shapes. The shoes add a great pop of color as well. Great outfit!

  5. I love your menswear inspired look! This is a great tie; good job Mom! And I think the skirt looks great!

  6. Lovin' the tie. So many ties are boring that I really adore the cute ones. This one is great. Playing with a material other than silk/polyester is a big plus in my book.

    Speaking of which... don't know if you'll approve but I'm about to buy a tie made of... wood! I got the idea when I saw an art-dealer in NYC at an opening wear a metal tie. It looked so hip. I think wood will be equally cool.

  7. This is sexy, sweet and sassy- I love the whole ensemble! Kudos for being able to sew and transform a piece of clothing so it works for you!

  8. I love that tie and I really like the skirt without the under skirt. Much more wearable.

  9. That tie is amazing! It's so cool that it's leather and a piano design :) You pull of the menswear look fabulously!

  10. loving that skinny piano tie! soooo cool! i love menswear. it's so much fun.


  11. That tie is insanely amazing! I have a terrible (awesome) pair of black sweatpants from the '80s that have piano keys down one leg and they are my favorite pajamas!

  12. Aw, thanks for the shout out! We DO match! :)

  13. Amazing tie. I think you should alter your clothing however you want if it makes it so you will wear it more. It still looks amazing.


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