Tuesday, September 27, 2011

To the moon and back

 Tee - thrifted
Skinny jeans - Divided, thrifted
Ankle boots - Jump, ebay

Moon Boots, that is. Some days I just wanna be a space cadet. I've long loved these shiny space boots by Jump, but for the horror stories about the brand... I held off. I finally jumped (lol) when I saw a pair on ebay. These (and another pair yet to appear on blog) replaced my beloved Fryes. I loved the cowgirl look of the fryes, but c'mon spaaaaaace boots!

Stock photo of boots
I am a wee bit disappointed in the boots, not for the quality or design, but the toe box IS a bit short. The toe area is made of leather though, so the boots are now currently resting in the freezer with the hope that the ice-method will stretch them out the little bit that's needed. I know they will stretch with time, but I want to spare my feet any amount of discomfort that would result from the breaking in process.

I've worn this outfit before. I didn't blog it, but I know this outfit will be one I'll actually repeat, probably exactly, again in the future.

Now for feedback - How do you feel about ankle boots? I personally love them. As a skinny-of-calf girl the fit of ankle boots compliments my legs. I know most aren't sold on the leg-chopping, but I actually like my ankles highlighted, either by ankle boot or pump-strap. I think it creates more balance to my skinny ankles.


  1. I think these are such a fun pair of shoes! The silver sheen really adds an interesting touch to the outfit. And I love how you worked them into a casual outfit. Definitely makes them wearable from day to day. The red pants are wonderful as well! Can't wait to see how else you can remix them!

  2. Very cool. You remind me of David Bowie, whom I loved during the Seventies. Androgyny with a touch of space-age sci-fi.

    There's room in my heart for long boots, short boots, ankle boots and OTK boots. Each has its own appeal. These look great on you.

  3. Love the black and white with the red jeans of course! The boots are super cool. Just like Shybiker, a little David Bowie which is cool with me!

    I personally like ankle boots too. These boots are spacey, but in a good way! These would look awesome with the dress you wore yesterday and some purple tights!


  4. Bring 'em to a shoe repair place if your stretching technique doesn't work...they'll stretch them for you.

    I love the look of these. Very glam rock.

  5. Love.These.Boots!

    I love ankle boots. I have ginormous calves and skinny ankles so I am not sure if I am "supposed" to wear them but I do anyways!

  6. Love these! Like Shybiker, I am feeling the 1970's David Bowie -- Space Oddity : >

  7. I'm glad I'm not the only person that sometimes thinks their ankles are skinny!

  8. Those are fabulousness! I like an ankle boot but I am not sure that they are the best for my height.
    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

  9. So fabulous! I love the color combo, the stripes and the funky boots! I dig the ankle boot. But I dig just about any boot.:)

  10. Fun boots! I love the metallic look. Thanks for the freezer tip! I'll def have to try it with my nude pumps! And I love the red, white and black combo of this look!

  11. I'm slowly but surely being sold on ankle boots- I think I dislike them when paired with a short skirt but with the fabulous red pants tucked in I like the effect. And moon boots indeed- how fun!

  12. Your space boots are awesome! I like ankle boots too. They don't feel as overwhelming as knee-high boots, and they make me seem a little edgy too.

  13. I love ankle boots, and...well, all boots! This is a great outfit, you look amazing!

    xo Emily

  14. I love ankle boots. They remind me of Star Trek boots. I always wanted some Star Trek boots. Love your outfit.
    If you do take them to a shoe repair for stretching, make sure you try them on before you leave. I took some and I swear they weren't any different after. Now I know to check before I leave.


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