Saturday, September 17, 2011

Taking Off

Sammycat says - Megan will see you on Monday!

Hey Guys, I'm taking this weekend off from blogging to decompress, celebrate the Taller-Half's birthday, and spend some quality me-time. I may or may not be able to comment, but I will be sure to check out my reader feed before next week.

In the mean time, if you still need some MMD goodness:

Go check out past Fashion Challenges. Get pumped because Keely and I are already scheming about the next two!

Why not read my thrifting tips and go have a budget-friendly shopping trip this weekend?

Feeling crafty? Check out my Sew Sunday projects, maybe you'll be inspired to try something new.


  1. You are more than entitled to take time off (I do it all the time ). Hope you have some very well-deserved me-time!

  2. Please have a wonderful time on your getaway! It's always nice to take a break from life... And blogging. We will see you when you get back!

    Callie @


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