Thursday, September 15, 2011

Link Up Love

 Tee - thrifted
Skirt - BBDakota, swap
Bellevue Pumps - Fluevog

I want to start today to say Thank You! to everyone who stops by my blog and comments, emails me replies, or otherwise makes this blog go. The support is overwhelmingly awesome. Today I want to link up to some of my favorite blogs around the blog-o-sphere.

First up, Sheila is an amazing lady. While not my same size, we still manage to keep an eye out for each other, and she sent me this gorgeous yellow skirt earlier this year. It's been a bit hot to wear it since it's a wee bit thick material, but today was glorious for this outfit. The tee was a thrifted piece. I just wish it were cotton or even jersey, instead of polyester. I had to wear my favorite Vogs today; I wish the black ones fit like these.

Heather is one of the first recipients of Ally's tie-project belts. It fits her like a dream, and I hope she and her daughter are able to agree on who gets to wear the wrist-cuff first! I want to dig into my crafts again, but I've got to clean up the mess of a room I've got right now.

Go over and congratulate Eek on braving the consignment stores! She needs encouragement to weather the funky smells and dig her claws into the world of thrifting. How fab does she look in that green dress?!

And now to plug myself: Go check out my Closet Shop, clothing items will only be there for one more day. Then I will be taking the clothes and PL pumps to donation. Fluevogs and Fryes will go up on ebay unless I get some interest here. Going going gone! Vogs and Fryes are up on ebay if you want to try for 'em.


  1. The yellow skirt was the first thing I noticed! What a wonderful, Canadian treat!

  2. Well, you know how much I love that skirt! It looks fantastic paired with the peacock blue/green colored top.

    Yes, the belt fits perfectly and I just love it! Thanks again!

    Now going to check out eek, got see her thrifted find and how her experience was!

  3. What a pretty skirt! That color will put anyone in a good mood. Eek has the same problem I do--I can't get passed the funky smells! But I know I should be thirfting because I see what great things other bloggers find.

  4. When you're passing around compliments, give one to yourself. Your blog is a major contributor of beauty and joy in the blogging world.

  5. Man, I need that skirt!


  6. Love that skirt! And the top and shoes are so fun with the yellow. Also, I got my package today and the dress is fabulous! Thanks for the sale!

  7. Aww, thanks for the shout out. If we met in person I would give you a big hug :)

    I love your yellow skirt! Sheila seems to be a fantastic friend to have.

  8. I have been wanting me a yellow pencil skirt but have not found "the one" just yet. How nice of you to spread some bloggy love! You know that I am a fan of yours. You are so genuine and a great crafter. Give yourself a pat on the back while you're at it! Not only that, but you give the love back exponentially. Your comments are always the best on my blog. So thank YOU! I love this graphic top too!

  9. It's really great outfit for colder weather.. Some color is always nice! :)


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