Friday, September 16, 2011

Happy Birthday, Hubby.

Dress - All Saints, ebay
Tie-dye Socks - gift
Flats - Sam and Libby, thrifted
Happy 26th Birthday to D! Sucks that his birthday fell on a Friday because we're both in classes and running around like chickens without heads. Of course, I couldn't finish out this awesome weathered week with another All Saints debut. This fabulous dress was actually picked out by D, the man himself. I don't know if you can tell in the photo but this particular dress is of the hi-low variety (see Wendy B's mullet dress posts). While D picked out this dress, I couldn't help grabbing it AND the exact same dress in another colorway (charcoal with white stripes).

It's hard to make out the graphic, and I would have included a close-up - but to be honest it wouldn't have helped much. It's an abstract design that makes you see different things in it. What do you see in it? Highlight here to see what I see. (I see a woodland scene ending in a lake with stars reflected in it)

This picture give you an idea about the swishyness of the back of the skirt part and the other colorway. I had to wear a slip due to the wind. I need to either make or invest in some pettipants. I like shorter skirts, but I don't know how other ladies get away with not showing their goods by accident! But these dresses will be fantastic for layering up as the temps drop. Adding skirts, adding tights, adding some OTK boots! *Swoon!*

Also I'm excited to say my Fryes have sold on ebay in less than 24 hours, and the Vogs are on their way to being sold. This is extra exciting because it means - New Shoes! I've got my eye on two pairs on ebay right now and from the Frye cost alone I may be able to get both if I win the auctions. Either way, I'm happy to say the experience has been a good one.

Edit for confusion: The back of the dress picture is of the OTHER dress, not the one I'm wearing above. I took some pics for a friend to share before I debuted the actual pieces and only got one photo of the back of one dress.


  1. What a cool dress! I really need to check out their website, because you score some awesome pieces. The back is pretty cool too.

    Happy Birthday to D! Hope you two can squeeze in some celebrating over the weekend!

  2. You are rockin' the All Saints! This is one fantastic dress!

  3. Such a cool dress! I'm seeing rocky cliffs and a winding river down the middle it ends in rocks with some kind of animal.

  4. Very cute dress- I am liking the mullet dresses, adds a uniqueness to them! Happy B-Day to your hubby- I hope you get to celebrate properly over the weekend!

  5. Spectacular dress! Happy birthday to D! Hope you guys enjoyed it!

  6. I love the difference in the back of the dress. It is so cool!

  7. Love the dress. The necklace frames your neck so perfectly. I think you should become a professional stylist. I'd hire you!

  8. another look for you ... I am jealous. You look great in anything. I love that dress! what a back! I need to see a picture of this hubby .. tell him congrats from all of us. And congrats on the sales! That is always an ego booster -- that somebody else wants to buy your cast offs. :-)

  9. i agree...that dress with tall boots will be AMAZING when it gets cooler out!

    dash dot dotty


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