Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Weekend That Wasn't

 Headband - DIY project
Dress - All Saints
Socks - liberated from D's closet
Shoes - Eject, ebay

This weekend was chock full of plans. That didn't happen. I planned to go to the Nashville First Saturday Art Crawl again with DH and a mutual friend, but our friend canceled due to a family issue. I didn't have the energy to drag along alone because the galleries are not D's favorite thing. So I compromised by hitting Goodwill for the Super Saturday sale. I shopped more for others than myself. Fun, but unfortunately spent alone. I was already dressed up, so this is what I had planned for gallery hopping. Heather suggested headbands for mixing up my hair, so I topped with my DIY headband.
Bandanna - borrowed
Top - Velocity, thrifted
Jeans - One Star, thrifted
Boots - Frye
Purse - Red by marc ecko, thrifted

Click to embiggen
Then Sunday I planned to see Cowboys and Aliens with my mom.  For the second weekend in a row, we had to cancel the movie and head back to her place. I was already dressed up in my rough and tough boots, jodhpurs-ish jeans, a retro-y top. I didn't have a hat and forgot to borrow Mom's the week before, so I decided to take a suggestion from B. Inspired and try a 'scarf'. Although in this case, a bandanna a la Rosie the Riveter. I borrowed Mom's hat this week in hopes we'll catch the movie this weekend.

I also carried my "new" purse. I found this huge bag in Goodwill last Wednesday and fell head over heels for it. I am pretty sure it'll carry all my school stuff. After today's test run, I'll probably carry it well into fall as a purse.


  1. You kind of remind me of Pippi in the first picture -- it's the stockings, I think :-) It's such a cute picture! And I love your boots. And your bag! So jealous.

  2. love the hair accessories! the scarf looks great and i love that headband too! i'm a huge fan of those socks with those shoes. looks great with the dress!

  3. I am loving the look.. Ugh, i dislike when you already have plans and they fail... Never good!

    Love! ~Angel

  4. I love both looks and they contrast each other well! The first look is uber cute and really romantic and pretty on you! Great use of the headband and kudos to your friend for the suggestion! The second look is rockin as well. I love the bag and the jeans. I love bandanas and use one whenever I can get away with it.

    Sorry to hear about your plans, but at least you looked stellar all weekend!

  5. Love this bandana look! The whole outfit is great. The boots, the jeans and the shirt! LOVE IT!!!

    Thanks for trying my suggestion with the headband too. It really looks cute with your hair cut and that awesome dress :)


  6. Sorry to hear that your weekend plans were derailed. At least you looked good doing everything else! I really adore that white dress on you - and like how you toughened it up with the booties.

  7. Sometimes that happens. Ya just gotta roll with it and make the best of what's available. Cute outfit!

  8. You are ADORABLE! You rarely smile like you are in the first picture, and I love that smile!

    I really like the headbands and scarf on you. I'm sorry your plans didn't work out. But hey, at least you looked good all weekend. That has to count for something, right?

  9. I'm so in love with your Rosie outfit! It's adorable! The longer I ponder it, the cuter it gets.:)

  10. LOVE that first outfit!!! You look straight out of a Tim Burton movie!!! :D (He's my favorite! lol)
    I'm interesting in seeing Cowboys and Aliens.. I just don't know if I am interested enough to go or just rent it in a few months. :/
    Anyway, the second outfit it REALLY cute! I love the top and headband!

  11. I really like the headband and scarf. Cute look!

  12. That All Saints dress is great.

  13. I adore that All Saints dress - just fab!

    Go, Rosie! I love the headscarf!


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