Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sew Sunday: Metal Edition

Are you an ex-goth like me? Do you still have bondage pants lurking in your closet? I hung onto mine for conventions/raves, but even then I rarely attached the chains. I was lurking in Jonanns thinking of making the shoulder to neck style metal jewelry thing that's been pretty popular around the etsy-verse, but then I dug out the goth-chains and realized I wanted to do something a little more over the top.

What you'll need:
Needle nose pliers
Chain/metal cutters
jump rings [in case your chains don't open at the links]
claw clips
various sizes of chain [small for a more delicate look, thicker for over the top, different colors for a unique look!]
Wire - [Just in case!]

Start by taking the chain you want as your main piece and loop it behind your neck and back. I used a bracelet looped through the area over my bust so I could measure my length. Leave yourself a little slack. I happened to have a huge claw clip laying around. I highly suggest having two, one at the neck, one behind the back. I wish I had done that myself. I then grabbed a thinner chain and replaced the bracelet I had as my place holder. Gradually lengthening the chain, adding just a bit of slack to let the middle chains hang. Unless you use equal weights of chain, it's probably going to be taut across the top chain. It's gonna take some playing with to get things just right, but have fun, and feel free to show me if you decide to make your own!


  1. This is beautiful! I love the way the chains hang: their loops are so pleasing. It's like you're wearing a work of art.

  2. This looks really good on you. I have been trying to do something with chains, but mine is much less cool.

  3. Wow __ I'm not an ex-goth, but I love this. Absolutely love this! Oh, I want to get a job so bad, so I can wear things like this out again!

  4. I absolutely love this! It looks so bad-ass, yet pretty and delicate. Well-done, you! *wanders off to find chains*

  5. I was more Industrial than Goth... but I still LOVE LOVE LOVE this look! Sooo cool, yet refined.


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