Monday, July 25, 2011

Whatta Day

Top, skirt - thrifted
Shoes - Sam and Libby, thrifted

This post is beyond late. Starting this summary up - I visited Mom Saturday intending for the day to be nice and cool. Instead it was miserably hot. The bottom OOTD is what I wore then. It was so hot, I wound up with blisters on my feet. So I've been wearing all of my 'soft' shoes on my tender feet. Sunday I decided to hazard a small thrifting trip. My mom needed a new coffee table and I was on the hunt for a few more transitional season tops. I found both thankfully, so I took the table down to her today and ended up staying for awhile. I'm also neglecting to mention that our hot water heater died today! So that was an unwelcome surprise for this morning.

Top - Express, thrifted
Capri - Target newstock, thrifted
Flats - Louboutin, ebay
I came home to a great surprise though! Heather and I did a small swap last week. She put in her bid for my Closet Orphan dress, and offered two tops in return. For someone constantly in the need of tops (see above!) - I tossed that thing in the mail asap. I can't wait to wear the new tops.

Edit: Also! This post makes 500!! 


  1. Hmmm - I could use that skirt to go with my new shoes.... or as inspiration to go thrift one of my own. Is it just me or are these hot temperatures making me look forward a little too much to fall?

  2. @ Cara - Totally not just you. I'm dying for cooler weather, and to have my layering clothes back. Go thrifting! I managed to find not one, but two pairs of red pants for $1 a piece yesterday.

  3. Hooray for 500!!!! I love the top look. Red and sparkles are fave combos of mine. It looks great on you. I hope your poor feet feel better.

  4. Soooooper sexy. Love this look. Congrats on 500!

  5. Happy 500!

    You look great in that first photo - I am seriously going to steal your haircut :)

  6. You're putting things together really nicely. And kudos on the big number!

  7. Love your top photo! You look awesome :) And those shoes do look super comfy. Love the criss cross straps.

    Bummer about the hot water tank. It happened to us and we were without for 3 days! I felt like I was living in the middle ages!

    And I got the dress in the mail. It fits perfect!

  8. I know I mentioned it before, but that haircut on you is just gorgeous!

    I love the red pencil skirt, too. I hit up my thrift store about once a week looking for bright pencil skirts and have yet to find one... But it gives me an excuse to keep going back! And every time I go, I find something else I like instead. =)

  9. Love the red and metallic together! Such a gorgeous combo. Congrats on 500!

    Why can't they make hot water heaters that have a warning sign? You know, "expires on this day." so it's not a surprise. I've had 2 dies in the last 2 years. I feel your pain. It sucks!

  10. I like the sparkles and the red together. It got some blisters from the heat last week. Not fun!

  11. Holy hotness, lady! I feel like I've said that to you a lot lately. You look amazing in that red outfit! I love it!

    That really stinks about the hot water heater. I know it's summer and all, but cold showers are rarely a good thing. :( I hope you're able to get it fixed ASAP!


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