Thursday, July 7, 2011

Tropical Fish

Dress - NY&Co, thrifted
Top - Attention, thrifted
Flats - United Nude
Bracelets - gifts
Bag - Nine West, swapped
I wanted to dress like a tropical fish today. I was feeling pretty good until I realized I still don't have a yellow belt. I have a hard time thrifting colorful belts at my goodwill. So I tossed a yellow clip in my hair to make up for it.

The weather is doing that weird super sunny and hot, then flash storm thing. Not an hour after taking photos it's pouring and the tv is warning about flash floods. And if you'd look at the second picture, you'll see what happens to about a third of my summer pictures. I sneeze like crazy.

In other bad news, my cell phone snapped in half yesterday. The good news is my FIL had a back up phone. It's been water damaged, but supposedly still works. Fingers crossed it hangs on until I can afford my own phone plan.

In good news, Fashion Challenge: Summer Trends starts Monday!!! I'm so excited. We have a great list of participants that grows by the day. If you haven't joined up yet, we'd love it if you would. Need some inspiration? Check out this post.


  1. Oh you look so cute! I love these colors together and I agree, yellow is a perfect pop. The barrette is a good substitute for a belt! :)

    I'm sorry about your phone, that really stinks. I don't know what I'd do without mine. I hope it holds on for you!

    Come take a look inside A Working Mom's Closet

  2. You did my new favorite color combo of red and turquoise. Love how you tied the shirt too. Still haven't tried that yet.

    I finally found a yellow belt thrifting, but it's still not THE perfect one yet. You are the thrifting queen, you will find one soon.

  3. So cute! I love that red dress. The skirt shape and length is fabulous on you. And the color combination is so fun. I can't believe how many people we have in the Fashion Challenge! It's so exciting!

  4. I am super stoked for the Fashion Challenge! Sorry about your phone :-( Good thing you won't have to go completely without! The weather has been doing the same thing here--it's weird and horrible because it is gorgeous until I get off of work and then it is pouring. Yuck! I love all the great bright colors in this look!

  5. As a scaredy-cat non-color wearing lass, I won't be joining in the Challenge. But I LOVE your color combos, and I can't wait to see the outfits you put together!

  6. bummer about the phone .... I may do the fashion challenge ... it would be a good way for me to kind of stretch myself and force myself to get dressed in something other than boxers and a t-shirt ...

  7. I like all the colors. I usually have a hard time finding belts at the thrift store, but I'm fussy.

  8. You look so cute!! I love all the colors. =) I'm super excited about the challenge! I have my outfits picked out for three of the days, but I'm stuck on the other ones. lol I may just have to break my spending freeze in order to fully participate! lol

  9. SO cute! I like how you paired the colors! You always do a great job with contrasting!

  10. I love your bright happy colors, esp the turquoise flats! You're right, a yellow belt would be the perfect addition. Very clever with the clip though ;)

  11. Love that dress.. it looks sooo comfy! I love how you put colors together! I don't think I am there yet with clothes... scrapbook layouts, yes. Clothes, no. :/
    Maybe one of these days...


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