Sunday, June 26, 2011

Weekend Stuff

Top - swap
Jeans - Target thrifted newstock, altered
Pumps - John Fluevog
I'm going to start this round up with a babble explaining why green shoes are amazing - and just as vital to my closet as red ones. They add the best pop of color, are much more versatile than one would imagine, and really add a reason for a double take. When I first got them for my birthday, I thought I didn't have anything that would go with these crazy colors. Little did I realize, I had tons - including this awesome top that possibly nominates me for citizenship in MatchyMatch town.

Check out how many things green shoes go with!

 Lace top - gift from Mom
Vest - All Saints
Jeans - American Eagle, thrifted
8R Harness Boots - Frye
Bracelets - gift from Sarina
T Scarf - DIY
I jokingly told my mom that this was my "Old West" outfit. I nearly added my harness, but I thought it might be a little overkill. This outfit was more geared to watching movies and couch surfing than gun-slinging. These jeans were a lucky goodwill find. Jeans that fit are so hard to come by and I seem to just try on as many as I can and buy what fits. Not my favorites, but upon seeing them in photos - they're better than I thought. Super Saturday is coming up this next weekend - So excited!!!!

Did you do anything fun this weekend? Are you looking forward to the next Fashion Challenge? Keep an eye out for the announcement about the next one!


  1. Great green shoes! You are right, sometimes the most unlikely pieces in my closet are usually the ones that I remix the most ;-)

  2. I love both outfits so much! I can't believe you still have that top! I always thought it was a little crazy with the colors and pattern, but I kept it for years. It's so cute on you!

    And I love the Old West outfit. Those jeans are fab. I love the lace with the funky vest and the pop of red is perfect.

    BTW: you said you didn't have any neon for neon challenge day...your shoes look neon in all the pics! When I start really looking I find trends in my closet all the time I didn't know I had.

  3. Great outfits!! Love the green shoes with that top. And I love the little pop of red in the second outfit!
    I can't wait to see the next fashion challenge! Hopefully I will have the right clothing items. lol

  4. I got a pair of jeans that fit today...I can't believe it! All I have to do is hem them.

  5. Hey! I totally understand about not having enough room to stockpile. But I wanted to let you know that if you have a CVS around you, you could work it right and get your day to day needs almost free.
    All it takes is one trip to get started, and then you will never pay full price for anything! :)
    Hopefully, you can pick up some tips! Thanks for reading my posts. :)

  6. Love your Old West look! It looks great with the lace top and the vest gives it an edge.

    And I really like the colors in the first outfit. You know your white skirt that you want to swap? Have you paired it with this shirt and those shoes yet? That would look great.

  7. Those green shoes really are amazing. I love colorful shoes!

  8. @ Style Journey - I haven't because the skirt itself does have a very busy pattern (that doesn't photograph well, but it's there). Pairing it with stripes was a bit of a long shot honestly.

  9. As sheriff of Matchy-Matchytown, I hereby deputize you. ;-)

  10. I love those little capris on you and am jealous that you found such great jeans! :) Hope you had a great weekend

  11. Those shoes really ARE great!
    The "Old West" outfit is actually very much to my liking because I love watching Western Movies and I like dressing that way myself. ;)
    (I watched "Young Guns" this weekend. Love that movie!)
    And yes, I'm looking forward to thje next Fashion Challenge. Very much.

  12. I love both! I just recently realised this weekend that I desperately need some blue shoes. I'm on the lookout now.

  13. Those jeans do look great on you. I love the khaki/beige + red mix! Kinda unexpected. I did a non-blogged outfit with a red top + khaki ankle pants a few weeks ago, I feel like I need to try the mix again!

  14. Love this vest! Layering is my all time favorite thing! You should come link up and show off your layers is you get a chance at:Many Layers Monday

  15. Those jeans are made of awesome sauce and WIN. They look fabulous on you, too.

    I'm loving all the lacy shirts I've been seeing in the blogosphere, esp. this one. I have a black one, but the creams and whites are much more summertime appropriate.


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