Thursday, June 9, 2011

Return of the Stripe

Shirts - thrifted
Wide leg pants - Express
Louboutin Mumbai flats - ebay
Tyler Rodan Bag - TJMaxx

This outfit was planned for Super Stripes Week. It got cut in favor of other outfits, but I kept it on my list for later. The pants have little stripes, the shirt - stripes, even the shoes are striped. I needed some easy clothes for today. Something already put together. I have lots of planned out outfits, but can never decide when to wear what. I think my "saving" feeling is coming back. The obvious thing I need to do is wear exactly what I want to.

And stop shopping. (For real.)


  1. I always feel like I need to save outfits too.

  2. Ehat a cute blouse! Perfect for summer! :)

  3. Very cute outfit. Love the pop of red.
    And I save outfits as well.. lol

  4. I love all these colors! Pattern mixing with the same pattern is fun. :)

    Come take a look inside A Working Mom's Closet

  5. love the easy breezy stripes :)

  6. All the stripes are just so cute! I love stripes--I missed the striped thing too. But I saved it.

  7. I like your pop of red with the rest of the outfit. Stripes and stripes? I like it, never would have thought of that one.

    I haven't shopped in awhile, and I am seriously going through some withdrawls. With your thrifting finds and good luck, it would be so hard NOT to shop!

  8. @ H&K SJ- Seriously, you're telling me.

  9. When I put together outfits, I physically pull them together and hang the pieces together. Then, depending on the weather and my mood, I just grab whatever outfit I want, all ready to go. No "saving" - just wear the outfit!

    I love that top. I wish the pants were a smidge shorter so those fab shoes showed. :)

  10. Hi my dear-great stripey outfit, very inspirational! Love your animal print dress in the last post too! xx


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