Thursday, June 16, 2011

Amok Time

Tank - H&M, thrifted
Skirt - Casual Corner's Annex Petite, thrifted, altered
Trek pin -, gift
Sandals - Van eli, thrifted
Woo! The most awesome thing about clothes is that they are so easily changed. After feeling awkward in yesterday's outfit, I knew I needed something that made me feel awesome. This skirt was one of the many 99p dresses I've bought. I loved the fabric, but wasn't fond of the difficult to get into and shapeless top portion. Logical solution: Remove the top! Now I have a fun skirt with lots more versatility than a dress that can't be belted. Today's theme is space, inspired by the Cat's Eye Nebula.
tiny heels~

Also debuting my awesome shoe find. I knowwww. (I did get rid of those vintage green sandals due to the strap crumbling after wearing, and also giving away my cole haan wedges that didn't get much wear. One in, Two out.). But I've been hunting for a light colored neutral sandal forever! It finally showed up in a crunchy silver/pewter sandal this past week. I think these set me back $5. I've had a rash of shoe thrifting finds. These had to be cleaned up, but were in relatively new shape.

Hubs made out like a bandit though. I found him an almost new pair of Chuck Taylor low tops. They were coated in dust, but under the dust the sole was still 'sharp' (you know I what I mean if you've ever owned Chucks) and clean. A few lint roller sheets and bam - like new. Thrifting men's clothes/shoes is really hard because men tend to wear everything until it's literally falling apart and then they argue that "It's still good!"


  1. LOVE! And:


    FASCINATING outfit (sorry, had to use that word...^^)

    I really love that skirt.
    But my favorite is the pin...

    Live long and prosper! ;) (Sorry again, couldn't keep myself in check^^)

  2. You look incredible!!! I love the wrap of the skirt being on the same side of you as the tucked portion of the shirt. And those sandals are perfect!

    Come take a look inside A Working Mom's Closet

  3. The colors in that skirt are so fabulous! Those sandals are such a great find too - VanEli shoes are usually pricey!

  4. i LOVE those sandals! so ppeeeerfectly summery!!!

  5. Super cute outfit! Love the skirt and sandals... but (agreeing with the above comment) my favorite is the pin! LOVE it!!!

  6. I agree, I have no luck thrifting for my hubs, plus he's so picky. Lovely skirt.

    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge
    June giveaway

  7. @ Marie - Omg yes! Hubs is so picky on top of everything else.

  8. My babydaddy told me once that the tattoo on my stomach looked like someone had arranged five star trek symbols into a star. I told him 1) where to go; and 2) I don't care because I love Star Trek so what's the problem? Love the outfit!

  9. Wow! That skirt is great! Many possibilities with the colors. The sandals are a great find too. I have a pair of gold metallics that are almost falling apart because I have worn them so much.

    Once again, the score on the Chucks is the bomb! $6 - now that is an awesome thrifting find.

  10. You look gorgeous! I love the eyeliner :)

    Excellent score on the sandals.

  11. Wow! I love this outfit on you! What a great find. I wish I was crafty enough to make (or think of) a skirt from a dress. Great job!

  12. Love those sandals! And that top drapes so nicely too.

  13. I should own stock in Mr. Stickies (lint roller) considering how much I use them.

    I love this combination. The colors in the skirt are awesome with your hair. The top with the Trec Pin adds a cool Space Age Look that I am loving.

    We Sisters when it comes to alterations. Been there, done that to so many items. I don't own a machine. So it has to work with ordinary Needle and Thread.

  14. You had me at "Trek pin." LOVE!

    Can you do/have you done a tutorial on turning dresses into skirts? I have a lace dress I'm scared to touch because I have NO idea what I'm doing...


  15. those shoes are fab but i'm so in love with that skirt it's ridiculous!

  16. @ Tamia - I do not. Sadly, I'm not very adept at it, yet. This particular dress was basically a skirt with attached top. The skirt portion zipped up and the top buttoned up the back. I'd love to offer advice, and am willing to make suggestions if you'd like to email me personally, but I'm afraid I don't have an all-inclusive tutorial right now.


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