Sunday, May 8, 2011

SuperDuper Saturday: May

To start the day I decided that I would, in fact, go to Super 50%off Saturday at Goodwill. My intention was to shop for more than myself, in addition to checking things out. I had a more narrow line of thought for my shopping this time. I found my mom: A lane bryant buttondown and 4 different square dinner plates (she collects them!). I found Hubs a green slim cut buttondown and a Born brand buttondown!

For myself I found a green and cream sundress, a black sheer tunic thing, two long sleeve graphic shirts (Found tossed up on a rack, kismet?), A red buttondown, a pair of sailor trousers (I'm a sucker for $2), a 'honeysuckle' cardigan (short sleeve), and a super 80s iridescent spotted top. Mostly looked for layering pieces, transitional pieces and stuff that was just really unique. I spent just under $18 on myself - which is admittedly not as super awesome as my Wednesday 5 pieces of clothing for $4.95, but a significant haul of stuff that I feel plugged some wardrobe holes - which will hopefully let me curb my shopping for the rest of summer.

Then I met up with friends to go to the Art Crawl again. My best friend is heading to DC for a fellowship this summer so we wanted to catch up while we could. Hubs and another friend were also with us.

Me and Michael chillin' in the Rymer
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Two installations and Street performers! - Yes they're juggling fire!

Dress - All Saints
Harness - Audra Jean plus my chains added to D rings
Boots - Frye
What I wore! Yes that's a bathroom picture. We didn't have many opportunities to stop for pictures, so I snapped this quick one myself. I have been getting dressed lately. Promise! I got the idea thanks to a great suggestion from Melissa via Twitter. She suggested "Black and Metal" - Well here it is!

I finished up the day with a henna application. Unfortunately it seems I've pulled a muscle with all the walking/running I've been doing lately so I'm having to baby it now and tiger balm it.


  1. That is a slammin' outfit! Love love love!

  2. That is EXACTLY what I was thinking! I was even thinking the harness but forgot to mention it!!! You look awesome!

    Sorry about the torn muscle. Hope it heals soon!

    Come take a look inside A Working Mom's Closet

  3. WOW! I don't know why the thought of long sleeve graphic tees blow my mind, but I don't think I've ever seen one!

  4. Killer outfit! I love the way you added the chains to the harness, and the fact that you paired it with an All Saints dress is pure perfection.

  5. I love this! Love the chains and the harness. I haven't seen these styled in too many way that I like, but you nailed it! I love the boots with it too. I have a thing for Frye boots.

  6. Holy wow! I love the harness with the chains - very edgy!


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