Thursday, April 14, 2011

Versatile Blogger

Tee - Theme, thrifted
Jeans - William Rast for Target new stock, thrifted
Scarf - thrifted
Earrings - liberated from my mom
Sandals - Michael Antonio

 I was awarded the Versatile Blogger Award by Amber Lena of Fashion Bargain Shopper Extraordinaire. I think I'm also supposed to give 7 random things about myself.

1. I LOVE thrifting. Not just shopping. I tend to get worn down while "just shopping", but I can dig through the racks at Goodwill for hours. It's just so much more exciting finding those special one of a kind pieces, the vintage, the brand new pieces for rock bottom price. And the most special are the few designer pieces I've come across. I've found a couple more than I've bought, but it's always a special feeling when I find them.

2. I'm lactose-sensitive, egg-sensitive, and caffeine-sensitive. It really sucks. I usually eat whatever I want, but I feel infinitely better if I avoid the above.

3. I'll spend $200 on shoes without feeling an ounce of guilt, but $4 for a dress will have me waiting until 99p day at Goodwill to actually buy it.

4. I'm a former goth, raver, nerd, rocker. I've decided to let all my love of clothes, genre, style and interests blend into me and not define myself as I did in school. I may not have the words to define me, but I'm working on who I am.

5. I don't really know how to do anything masterfully. I can do basic sewing. I can read music and play many instruments rudimentarily. I can fix my own computer issues if I really really have to. But I don't have a strong affinity to one topic where other people can turn to me for advice. Except relationships, I guess. Lol!

6. I'm a tv junkie. Not regular tv (though I always have that on too), but I love watching marathons. I've just finished Life on Mars (UK version) and heading onto Ashes to Ashes the sequel series this weekend. I'm currently on a British/BBC tv kick, but I'm also partial to True Blood, Blood Ties, Dresden Files, Charmed, Buffy, Star Trek TNG, or any kind of sci/fantasy show.

7. I love tiny drink cans. The squatty 8oz Cokes, Jones GABA tea cans, those little slim sodas. They're so cute!

Tag you're it: Theresa (style tree), Rebecca (MinnChic), Cara (Cara's Closet), Keely (Casual Chic Kiki), Christine (Futurelint), Melissa (Working Mom's Closet), Sheila (Ephemera), Hillary (ByHillary), Erin (MyClosetShouldNotBeScary)... And anyone else wanting to be tagged!


  1. I suffer from number five as well, and four a little. I love your colours here!

  2. I like those tiny Cokes too. Mini things are fun.

  3. Love your red sandals here.

    I need to you take me thrifting...I just don't have the patience for it!

  4. @ Eek - I'd love to! It's way more fun thrifting with a buddy, anytime you're out towards TN (or I'm towards TX) I'll take you thrifting.

  5. You're looking causal and comfy today. My two favorites! Thanks for the award! I'll re-gift it and do the 7 facts in a few days I'm off to Walla Walla for the weekend.

    BTW I sent you a little package today. Sorry there's not note in it, but I forgot my note cards and the post office isn't very giving with extras of any sort.:)

  6. @ Keely - Thanks so much. ♥ Have a good time in Walla Walla.

  7. Haha, #3! That's the exact mentality that got me in trouble with shopping in the first place! I realized I'd drop $200 on a nice dinner out but whine about spending $20 on a pair of jeans. My response was to start spending more money on clothes...

    Adorable color pairing in this one! Thanks for the tag, I hope to post some answers this weekend.

  8. #3 is awesome! I'm the same with thrifted items. What instruments can you play? Thanks for sharing!
    Jen Hemming and Hawing Again

  9. i watch way too much tv while drinking tiny sodas!

  10. I love the teal and red color combo! Thanks for the tag! I've done so many of these over the 3yrs of my blog that I may have run out of interesting factoids about myself! I'll try to come up with some!

  11. @ Jen - I learned flute and played for 4 years. Then learned rudimentary piano (and "bells") when I broke my arm so I could remain in band class. I have some knowledge of playing guitar, drums and other percussion instruments. I also did a year of "Stomp"-like percussion playing.


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