Monday, April 11, 2011

In Print

Lace tank - eberjey, thrifted
Vest - All Saints
Jeans - NY&Co, thrifted
Moccasins - Minnetonka, gifted thrifted
Necklace fall - All the chains I own
Sorry I've been sortof MIA this weekend. D and I visited a new game shop and wound up in a new game of D&D over the weekend. I also had lots of catch up this week with school work. I also got one of my comics printed in the MTSU newspaper! (not where I attend school fyi)

This outfit is what I wore Saturday to game. It was 91F! I wore loose sleeveless layers, but I wish I had even gone with a skirt or cut-offs. The building we were in had a busted a/c, we did have fans though.

I was going to double post again today - but we've got 'severe storms' rolling through again. So I'm staying safely tucked inside and trucking through my Thoreau book for class and catching up on my Google Reader.


  1. Awesome outfit! I really like this one.
    The combination tank/vest is great - I love pink and beige! :)

    I wish I knew someone to enjoy D&D with. It's been years since I was active in the German equivalent of D&D - The Dark Eye ("Das Schwarze Auge").

  2. I feel yr pain! Today I wore a jacket that my outfit would not look right without, and spent the whole day sweltering when it went up to 88. Bummer!

  3. Congrats on getting your comic printed. That pink top is really pretty!

  4. Seriously coveting the moccasins! Heck, I live near Minnetonka, I feel it's my duty to own a pair. MN Pride!

    And speaking of MN, there is an awesome comic/game store near me call The Source. They run good games... just sayin'... ;)

  5. You look so pretty, I love that soft pink on you!

    I really want a day with my reader. Like, bad. I haven't had a chance to read blogs in FOREVER and I really should've gone to bed half an hour ago. Meh.

    Hope you stay safe and get lots of reading done!

    Come take a look inside A Working Mom's Closet

  6. @ SC Erin - I'd be all over it if only Hubs could find full time work and move us!

  7. yuck, severe storms here too! what crazy weather, eh?

    you look AMAZING in pink btw, it most definitely suits your complexion :)

  8. I love the lace tank and your moccasins are so cute!


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