Friday, March 18, 2011


 Shirt - NY&Co
Skinnies - Fire Brand, swap
Boots - 8R Harness Frye
Bracelet - gift
I do believe I'm havin' the vapors! Is that sleeveless? Hells yes. It's nearly in the 80s today. I feel like I'm melting already. I had to take a quick jaunt to the store. D wasn't allowed to drive because of his pain meds - so I took a stab at driving! I'm pleased to announce we all made it safely to the stores and back.

This was not my favorite look - I wasn't really in the mood to get dressed. But I think it actually came together pretty nicely. I feel like it looks better in photos than I felt in it. My hair is also getting very face-eating. The joys of growing out a short 'do. Happy Friday, Everyone!


  1. Isn't spring nice? (We're still in parkas up here - but the snow is starting to melt). I'm sleeveless, though, too, in my house!

    So I take it you don't take to the driving?

  2. I think you look so cute here! Love the boots!

    How long are your growing your hair? I am thinking about doing the same thing :)

  3. @ Eek - I haven't really decided yet. Just planning to let it go for awhile, getting it trimmed up as it grows. I'd think it'd be fun to see you with longer hair!

  4. @ Cara - Nope! Not really, I much prefer taking the bus, walking or riding while someone else drives. I don't have a lot of experience with driving so it tends to make me nervous.

  5. I love this outfit! Isn't is wonderful to be in sleeveless clothes!? I love that top paired with the skinnies and boots, just a fabulous outfit!!

  6. Haha, face eating. Funny way to describe your hair :) I think it looks cute. The top is adorable too. I'm always surprised how I find stuff at NY&Co, and they're always on sale too which is nice!

  7. I am so ready for warm weather.

  8. Super cute!! It looks great in the pictures! And yay for successful driving! (And yay for spring weather too!) :)


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