Sunday, February 6, 2011

Weekend wrap up

Tunic - Gaoyali, thrifted, altered
Tee, Jeans (Fire brand) - swap
Boots - Miz Mooz
Headband - DIY project

Many women aim to make themselves look taller, thinner, more hourglass-y, have longer legs or any number of decided choices for their 'figure flattery'. As a petite girl, I've really never been concerned with looking taller. I do prefer to define my waist, but today I felt like something different.I thought about wearing a belt, but I had plans to eat and do lots of walking.

I wore this to go have a "Girl's Day" with my mom. It's been awhile since I've had time to visit with her so she took me to lunch and for a little bit of "shopping", spending my $5 target gift card from Christmas, and letting her use up my leftover VS gift card. We ended the night watching a good movie (Bottle Shock) and sipping coffee at her place.

This tunic/mini-dress was originally 3 times the width and down to my mid-calf. It had a strange bubble-hem. Like a giant weeble-wobble. I got it originally planning to take it up. I finally got around to doing it. No Sew Sunday because I spent two hours grumbling over this. Finally finished it though. My sewing skills are improving, but it takes some serious patience.

I'm spending today in my jeans and hoodie, catching up on laundry and cleaning. So you guys get more doodles in lieu of my schlepy outfit today.


  1. I thought you were tall!!! I had no idea. So you must be doing lengthening things without even trying because I'd made you At least 5'6 or 7

  2. @ Hillary - nope! 5'2" tops! lol! I'm glad you thought that though.


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