Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sew Sunday - Leather Bracelet/Bracer DIY

What you'll need:
A length of cording, ribbon or leather lacing
A scrap of thick leather or faux leather large enough for your purpose
A hole punch, awl or even a nail
Ruler, Pencil

My MIL had enough of this funky faux-leather left from her scraps of another project, plus a bit of pink leather lacing laying around. I started by cutting the fabric down to the basic shape I wanted. I wanted to do a wrist cuff/bracer. The rounded end could be set to face either direction. I used my ruled to mark out evenly spaced places to punch lace-holes. I used an actual hole punch to make my hole and open them up with an awl. But I could see this easily working with a nail or small screw driver if that's all I had on hand. Lace the cording or leather through the holes and tie it on!

Super easy peasy. I could also see this basic idea working for a belt. I didn't have a piece large enough to fit around me, unfortunately, but it would be a fun project for the future.


  1. Wow that is awesome! I'd love to see it as a belt! You're so crafty and talented girl :)

  2. Cool idea! I would probably make a cuff bracelet but this has a kind of Viking-ish look which is also cool! Thanks for sharing!
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  3. Neat!! Great use of the scraps! :)


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