Thursday, December 2, 2010

Sniffle and Shiver

Circle Scarf - gift
Tee - JCrew, thrifted
Jeans - Celebrity Pink
Boots - Fly London, amazon
Gloves - vintage

How I feel with outdoor shoots!
 I'm pulling out my heavier scarves and gloves. It's chillychilly. Today's my working day. I'm hoping to begin tackling projects around the house, namely tackling the closet. I started today with a hot shower and bowl of turkey noodle soup. I threw on an outfit from my list, something comfy to move around in. Although I never can get this scarf to lay right, I still love it. It has a half-turn twist in it which makes it difficult to manipulate.

Hubs and I ran outside for picture, and I felt seriously frozen. The first photo is how I usually 'pose' the second is how I feel! I'm a total wimp when it comes to cold weather. But my house has terribad lighting in it and if the sun is out and it's not pouring rain, I'm braving the cold.


  1. I love the outfit, and I totally understand the second photo! Totally! ;) Great colors too! Good luck with the work! :)

  2. I can relate to prefering outdoor photos to indoor - you're a brave girl!

    Love your scarf too!

  3. How cute are you in your winter accessories! I love love love the circle scarf with the basic tee! And those awesome boots look great with the colored it!

  4. When I saw the title said sniffle I thought you were sick!

    And had turkey noodle soup for breakfast?

    You look great in the tight pants and boots! Hope you were able to get a lot done on your work day!

  5. @ Melissa - I'm on the verge! And waking up past 10, the soup was more like.. brunch. I'm nearly through remodeling the closet. *very excited!*

  6. So cute! Love the rounded hem and the scarf is so pretty.

  7. *whine* Why can't I find cute purple (or other-coloured) jeans like that? So envious.


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