Friday, December 3, 2010

Pink? Kinda.

 Tee - Esprit, gifted
Blazer - A.Byer, swap
Jeans - NY&Co.
Shoes - Eject, ebay

Today Hubs and I dealt with the aftermath of yesterday's remodeling. We packed up all the junk and took it to Goodwill. Which meant I went shopping while he dropped the stuff off. I managed to find 2 AWESOME skirts for spring. I would have come out with more, but I had to get back home so D could get to work.

This outfit is one of those that you look in the mirror and go "Hey this looks cool!" but the photos? Look nothing like the mirror. The tee is a pale grey-pink. My mom grabbed this shirt intending it to be a 'lazy day' or sleep tee for me, and I really liked the graphic and the color. But then D realized it was big enough to fit him, and he stole it. He stole my pink shirt. Well I got payback today and wore it. Pink and I can be friends. In limited doses. (I'm sorry if the shirt appears white. It's pink, I promise).

Keep a look out this weekend. I have a surprise post coming up!!


  1. Super cute outfit! The t-shirt looks like a really pale pink on my monitor! Yay for finding cute skirts and making Goodwill runs! :)

  2. You are looking cool and collected today. The pale pink suits you!

  3. I love the combination of a casual tee with the structured blazer! I hate when outfits don't photograph as well as they really look in real life...but I think this outfit actually photographed well! I can tell it's pink :)

  4. that blazer is gorgeous! I love how you look so casual, yet professional at the same time! Haha and yes, it looks pink!

  5. This is a great casual outfit - it seems effortless, but I love the structure of the jacket.


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