Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Oh Tuesday

Earrings - gift
Sweater - swap
Pants - The Limited
Shoes - Fly London, amazon

Well Christmas is officially over. I went Christmas day to see Black Swan with my brother, and finally caught up with the last of my friends for the holiday season yesterday. The shopping was horrid yesterday, so I came home and ordered some stuff online.

Today's picture is less about my outfit, and more about my feelings. I'm alone today. Isolated after so many people over the holidays. It's refreshing as the snow still on the ground. Today's quiet reflection, cleaning an empty house, getting ready for the new year. Today is simply about comfort and rejuvenation.


  1. You still look beautiful, whether the post is about your outfit or not.

    You have such a sweet soul. I wish I knew you in real life. I hope I can take comfort and refreshment in isolation soon.

  2. I know how you feel - it's kind of nice to have some peace and quiet after a long weekend of family time, no?

  3. sounds like heaven after all the hustle and bustle!
    loving your wide leg trousers!

  4. Can I just say I am loving your hair lately! It looks so beautiful! And I love the outfit, purple and grey make such a wonderful combination!

  5. Hello. I am not sure where tinytown is but I'm in Knoxville. I hope you can find ways to enjoy this state. I have.

  6. Those wide leg pants are amazing on you!

    I am looking forward to at least a week to myself once L is back to work next week. I really need some alone time. Hope yours recharges your batteries, Megan!

  7. Awesome pants! I love the lighting in the photo too. It looks peaceful. I went shopping yesterday too. It was a mad house, but it was a fun day with my mom. I just love quiet days at home.

  8. I love this outfit, it's so simple and chic!

  9. Super cute outfit and a great picture! I hope you enjoyed your quiet time! This time around, its taken until after New Year's for all the holiday hustle to subside for me. :)


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