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Megan is a 20-something who started this blog as a way to learn how to dress more creatively, but Megan Mae Daily has evolved into a platform to express everything from food to fashion to crafting and more. MMD exists to share ideas, hoping to bring inspiration to readers, friends and strangers alike.

Megan has been described as a fashion catalyst, a professional smartypants, and a goshdarned fine cook.

Megan loves science fiction and fantasy - which is a nice way of saying she's a big nerd. She enjoys video games, reading books, and watching really bad television. 

Megan is married to a fabulous man whom she refers to as "D", "DH", or "The Hubs" on the blog. He takes most of her daily blog photos, and indulges her crazy impulsive photoshoots and occasionally foots the bill for her spur of the moment indulgences.

Megan is currently residing in Middle Tennessee, and is interested in getting to know any nearby bloggers or anyone traveling through the area. Feel free to contact me.

Megan currently works for a local consignment shop as an Assistant General Manager with big aspirations.

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