Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Toast the Fish

Meet Toast. My new office fish.

I've wanted a beta fish for a long time, and I'll admit this little walmart purchased dude may not live forever, hence the name. He's toast.

But I put him in a massively oversized mason jar with a label on my office book shelf where he can live next to my also newly gift aloe plant (Orion). So, while I'm trying to keep myself alive and healthy, I'm also keeping a tiny ecosystem alive in my office space. Wish me luck.

Toast in his holding tank with Orion (left) while I cleaned up the jar.


  1. I like this idea! We need to support and nurture the nature around us. We always get back more than we put in. Good luck with Toast!

  2. You go, Toast! I hope he has a long (for a fish) life. I really like this idea, too, and may have to see if I can have a fish at the office. xox

  3. It really makes a difference to add living things to your workspace. This year I added two small plants to my classroom, and I thoroughly enjoy them (not sure if the kids noticed them or not!). One of the things I enjoy doing most is watering them after school. I was going to eventually assign that job to a student, but not sure whether I want to keep it for myself now. :)

  4. Nice! I can't have plants at my desk (no sunlight at all), but I would love to have a living thing there.


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