Saturday, August 16, 2014


 Three more additions to my growing tattoos

42 - for all my nerdy friends out there. Hitchhikers Guide was one of my favorite book series in the whole world. 42, the Answer to Life the Universe and Everything.

221B. One of the oldest fandoms you'll ever meet is the Sherlock fandom. It's over 100 years old and I'm happily on the train. Sherlock has helped me make friends in all sorts of places and brought me closer to people than ever before. Whether it's discussing the newest BBC or comparing the Granada or RDJ versions, the world is rich and vibrant and still causing a stir with the modern world.

Mr. Holmes may not have been beloved by his creator, but it just goes to show, you never know what will touch people or how it will change their lives.

And of course my big piece for the night was this traditional kerosene oil lamp. I grew up with these on my mantel piece. If you've ever been in a Cracker Barrel, you'll know these are on every table as a throw back to older days. To me, it's a combination of my love of antiques and a little throw back to the my Southern roots.

But really? I just thought it was pretty. Tattoos can mean anything to anyone, but this one? I just love to look at it. It was pretty, it fit with my current art, and it fit in a blank spot. To me, it's beautiful, and that's ultimately what I want from my tattoos, I want beautiful art on my body that I can carry with me forever.


  1. Oh, wow, that lamp is astounding! I love the 42, of course. It's the meaning of life!

  2. Oh, awesome. Not tattoo-related, but I was inordinately pleased to occupy office #51 at my previous workplace. Your fiery lamp is so striking from every angle!

  3. I love 42 - it's grand that the answer to everything is simply 42! Beautiful art. xox

  4. oh the 42! awesome! love the last one - so beautiful!

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