Friday, August 8, 2014

One Fish, Two Fish

The only real outfit photo I liked this week.

 Meet Jam!!

I was going to buy a moss ball for Toast's oversized mason jar to help keep the water cleaner and give it some decoration, when I saw this wiggly fancy tail beta male. My coworker asked if I bought Toast a girlfriend and I said, "Nope! He's got a boyfriend!"

But sadly Toast and Jam (and Mouldy the moss ball) will forever be separated by their respective HUGE mason jars. I did have Jam in a larger container, but he kept hiding in the lower portion of it against. The DH went to goodwill and found me a nearly matching one like Toast's and now they're both blowing bubbles.

Beta males make bubble nests which is a sign they are healthy and happy. Here's where they actually sit. On the bookshelf behind my desk with my office's trophy! It was originally flanked by candles, but now we have two guard fish to keep an eye on it.


  1. Very cute. Good luck and good health to your boys.

  2. Red fish, blue fish! I love your pretty fish. They would make gorgeous tattoos!

  3. Love this - maybe they do some spooky kind of fish communication from jar to jar. xox


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