Friday, August 1, 2014

Bleach Party pt 2

Pants! These were more of an experiment. The pants themselves are actually too big, but I wanted to try out something. Finding horizontal striped trousers is hard! At least in the width I wanted. I think I'm going to give this another go because I loved wearing these. Although they really are too big for me.

Also I'm sure like most, you've been searching for your name on a coke. I found a 'Meg' and 'John'... well, it's close enough to Megan and Jonathan.. I bought them.


  1. I love names on Cokes. Must find a Patti. Your trousers are super-fun and I love the variable stripes you made. xox.

  2. Excellent bleaching! I did some bleaching today too, inspired by your previous post. Thanks! I love horizontal stripes. I haven't seen Coke with names on them, but that could just be me...

  3. Your bleaching black is way cool, Megan. Are you going to give us a demonstration? And cokes with names? I had no idea. Very interesting.

  4. There are names on Coke? This must be a US thing - but it could tempt me if I saw a Sheila!

    I love those pants - they are awesome. Nicely done with the spray bleach!

  5. Woo, fantastic pants!!! Great with the ruffled plum and gorgeous Cydwoqs. xo


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