Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Sweater blazer

Jacket - dressbarn, thrifted
Tunic - gift
Jeans - Old Navy, thrifted
Flats - Naot

Sweater blazers are an amazing invention. This one is 30% wool and super comfy. The jeans on the other hand ride low like crazy. I think they're going to wind up redonated. 

Also wanted to let everyone know, I'm still open for $10 custom cards. I sent out a batch of completed ones today!


  1. Love your creative cards! And your sweater blazer, that is awesome.

  2. I normally don't like wearing blazers but I could definitely wear that sweater blazer. Good find!
    Your cards are awesome!

  3. Sweater blazers are THE BEST! So comfy! And perfect for being more professional or structured but remaining comfortable!

  4. Yup, if the pants don't stay put, let them go! More room for awesome sweater blazers in the closet!

  5. Sweater blazers are the best and that one is amazing. I love the color and the texture is the BEST!

  6. I want a sweater blazer! That looks like the warmest and comfy thing ever!! And thank you again for my awesome custom doodle - I featured it on my blog today! Is it ok if I put it up on my blog as a permanent side picture? I'll link to you! :)

  7. Knit blazers in general are the bomb dot com. I wish I had a proper one! They're so comfortable and less restricting than woven ones.

    (I'll email you about a card!)

  8. That looks classy, Megan. Great combo with the dotted longer top. And I love those silvery shoes with the spiral. Very cool.


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