Monday, February 17, 2014

Kitty Cuddles

Cardigan - Olivia Moon, thrifted
Tank - Vertigo, thrifted
Trousers - Eddie Bouwer, thrifted
Flats - Naot

When you're feeling down, I highly recommend a visit to your local shelter. And I don't mean just to adopt. There are lots and lots of cats (and dogs) out there in need of a cuddle. I have my own babies at home, but only get to see them about once a week. So the DH and I went to our local shelter and had about two hours of cuddle time with big rooms of kittens.

Most places don't like window shoppers, but I promise your local shelter animals are more than happy for the company. We were swarmed with great bundles of love. I'm hoping to make it a semi-regular occurrence if I can.

Even the DH enjoyed time with the kitties.

This little boy's name was ghost. He had the most intense blue eyes!

If had to pick one kitty out of all of them to take home, it would have been this fella. His name was Danag, and he had a wonky eye. He was timid, but still approached both the DH and I for pets. He got bolder after some of the more demanding cats moved on. This boy is what I tend to gravitate towards when I pick cats. Broad-chested Toms who are a little rough around the edges, but still sweet and in need of some good cuddles.

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  1. That is such a great idea to go and cuddle the kitties at the shelter. I bet they really loved the company too!

  2. What a wonderful outing, and how great for the kitties. Sandy and I have usually chosen the "special" kitties too, and they turn out to be the very best. xo

  3. Thanks for posting this! When it comes to helping shelter animals everybody can do something - share on social media, cuddle, sponsor, foster, or adopt. Yay to both of you for sitting with the kitties ;-)

    I'm in for a character card if you're game. You do great work.


  4. Good post. There are so many animals lacking care and affection.

  5. Aw, I would love to spend the afternoon snuggling and petting kitties. So sweet. L and I have considered getting another cat...for about 2 minutes, and then we remember what a crazy insane attention-monster Vizzini is. He is quite a handful. But yes, shelter animals need love! All of our kitties have been from the SPCA or from an animal rescue organization.

  6. I used to take my son to the SPCA when he was a little boy, so we could cuddle cats. It was great but eventually we had to stop because while I am not allergic to one or two or three cats, allergies sure kicked in when I was in a room with 20 of them. It is also very difficult not to come home with a cat ( or two or three ) but not only am I only allowed one cat in my building, I am pretty sure my cat would not be impressed with any new arrivals.

  7. Aw, I'm glad you went. I keep meaning to get my shit together so I can volunteer at our local no-kill shelter, but it hasn't happened yet. Going to hang out with some kitties for a while sounds like a wonderful (and lower-obligation) alternative!


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