Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Feeling witchy

Top - Venus, thrifted
Jeans - Chicos, thrifted
Flats - Van Eli, hand me down
Tote - DIY'd
Necklace - Mum's homegrown vintage
Belt - gift from Sheila

I have this thing for massive sleeves. I also have a thing for wrinkly, crinkly fabrics and "bruise" purple-greys. 

Mum gave me a freebie haircut card someone passed onto her, so I finally got my hair trimmed. But as you can see, my waves are unruly and wild and impossible to tame without simply chopping them off. I grew up as a girl with straight hair. I never knew what to do when my hair texture started changing in my teens. Now it's completely different from when I was a kiddie.

Mostly I've decided to let Dylan Moran be my hair role model.

Anyway, Kim Harrison has released her next book so I'm off to read, read, read, and hopefully get in some writing tonight too.


  1. I love Dylan Moran! And Black Books! And your awesome crinkly top!

  2. The top is wonderful; I LOVE the color! And your hair looks great!

  3. Your hair looks great! I bet it feels good to get a trim. I always wanted straight hair. And I love big sleeves too! So comfy!

  4. Dylan Moran's not a bad person to emulate, hair-wise or otherwise. I hope you're practicing the accent!

  5. Dylan Moran is a great hair role model! And your own hair looks fab, great color too. xox

  6. I like the hair -- it's very much what I would love my hair to do... but it's stick thin. Blergh.
    But I love the shirt, too!

  7. Big sleeves are cool. You are cool. A perfect match!

  8. I love purple-grey and blue-grey, too. My friend says my favorite color is Depression Blue. :D

    Your shirt is awesome.

  9. Are those blue suede shoes? Don't let anyone step on them!

  10. You are such a cool blue, Megan. Who is Dylan Moran? Oh, you have it highlighted, so I can just look it up. Excuse me for a minute.

    1. hmmm, so he's a stand-up comic. okay.

  11. Beautiful blue colors.
    The tunic is so nice!



  12. I love the tousled hair look - love these purples too! Ooh, a new Kim Harrison? I hear she's going to end the Rachel Morgan series! I just finished the last 2 in a binge-marathon of reading over the last month.

  13. You look great in all Blue. This Monochromatic Look suits you. Nice shoes and shirt.


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