Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Snug as a Bug

Dress - All Saints, gift from Megan
Sweater - Banana Republic, thrifted
Tights - Anna Sui
Made Flats - Trippen

So insane weather strikes again. I piled on the layers, including this dress from Megan (Mee-gan) who very sweetly passed on two All Saints dresses. They were a bit big on me, but I took this particular one up. Now it's a wee bit snug, especially with a sweater under it. But I also had on sweater tights, a cami, and a slip. And then topped it all off with a coat.

They're calling for snow tonight. I know, haha, most of the North has been dealing with piles of the stuff. I miss the sunshine we had over the weekend. It was seriously like 65F three days ago! Ah well, I guess I'll have to pull a couple of sweaters back out and keep shivering for a little while longer.

I also finally pulled out these flats. They're a bit snug, but I'm sure with more wear they'll loosen up. I'm ready for sandal weather please!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Frye Boots

Blouse - Simply Vera, thrifted
Jacket - Loft, thrifted
Jeans - Levi, thrifted
Boots - Frye, ebay

A week ago, I had a pair of Frye boots arrive on my doorstep. They were beaten up, had worn down heels, separation on one boot. But they were gloriously broken in, the soles were still in tact and good to go, no big rips in the leather and they only cost me $25. So I mosied down the street to my local shoe guy and dropped them off.

I hadn't used this particular shoe repair place since I never could figure out their hours (apparently they are just closed on Mondays, and my attempts were always on a Monday).. but that sorted out, it was a lot closer than my previous shoe repair place.

A week later, I wandered back in and found what looked like a brand spankin' new pair of Frye boots. Only the insides were soft and squishy, broken in and wonderful. The heels had been replaced, the sole repaired,  polished up and ready to go.

Simple, but tough
I'm going to say "na-na-na-na-na" to the seller of these boots because a simple trip to the cobbler had these looking amazing. Expect to see these on my feet a bunch. At least until warmer weather comes, but even then, I make no promises. This is what I have been aiming for every time I have bought a pair of Fryes.

Next goal - find a pair of Dr Martens.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Attempt Made

Shirt - Apt 9, thrifted
Cardigan - alternative, thrifted
Skirt - Gap, thrifted
Socks - sockdreams
Army flats - Trippen

So after yesterday's fuss fest, I started digging through and trying some stuff on. I remembered this new shirt I just got, and even though it's sleeveless, I added a cardigan. I knew the skirt fit since I got it recently too. The weather fairy must have heard my cries because it was lovely and sunny and hovering in the low 60s this afternoon.

More about the shirt! It's got a fantastic scrollwork print in brown and teal. Nice soft cotton and best of all, it fits.

I'm still loving my hair. I've had a lot of various reactions to it, but overall the biggest response has been "Why?!" I've answered, "Why not?" I love it, it makes me feel funky, pretty, sassy, rocker, edgy, and all the other adjectives that long hair never made me feel. I don't think buzzing one's head is a great idea for everybody, but it was a really liberating feeling for me.

Also because I'm missing Lynne and Miss Sasha Jane today, you get a picture of my little monsters' sister. She's such a cutie and I'm so glad she's grown up in a loving home with other four-legged and two-legged family members. And that I've been able to get updates on her progress. I miss all 'my' kittens terribly. There is literally no feeling like a pile of baby kittens sitting in your lap, watching them grow up from little nuggets into fully fledged kitty cats.

Sorry, I'm not sorry for stealing this picture, Lynne!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Kitty Cat Sunday

Bruce beauty shot - look how pretty!
I'm going to start today's post with my adorable little monster heads. I visited my mom today so we could have post-tattoo comparisons, but also so I could nosh on her butternut squash sauced pork ribs (OMG YUM) and smooshy my cats. Spike, as usual, was his loveable self - rubbing all over my legs, getting his face rubbed, and proceeding to bite me.

Spike says "Dis are my BB."

"I gib him bath"
Bruce - who has spent several weeks now ignoring me and playing "keep away" with me - decided he Needed Attention. So I got lots of Bruce time, cuddlings, meows, and lots of pretty faces. Spike even decided Bruce needed a bath and they posed for cutie muffin pictures.

A funny story I learned today: The cats have a kiwi bird toy. They love carrying it around and chasing it, but recently they've started dunking it into their waterbowl while my mom is gone. I'm not sure if they're trying to "kill" it or leave some other message, but it's a bit bizarre and hilarious to find it sitting in the middle of their bowl.

Spike in the sunshine
The rest of the cats were photo-shy today. Miss Annabelle went outside to play, Sammy was having lap-time with my Mom, but was not interested in a beauty shot. York was playing hiding-and-go-you-can't-find-me all day because he had slipped his collar.

----End Cat Talk, if you're not interested in Medical/Weight Talk, stop reading here----

So you may have noticed my spotty posting lately. I have been busy, sick, and tired. I've been on two medications since fall of last year, which first left me losing several pounds quickly. Visually it doesn't seem like much 5-10lbs on my frame, but health wise, it wasn't good. Finally I started adjusting to the meds and somehow I've not only gained the weight back, but continued in the other direction.

Some people may be used to a weight change within a year, but I've had a fairly stable weight since I was in high school. Part of the change is getting older - I'm not a teenager anymore, despite what I look like; part is the medication ramping up my appetite, then beginning to get sick/tired/hurty and not staying active.

In addition to my pledge to shop secondhand and be more ethical about my shopping consumption, I've been working on a secondary 'pledge' to minimize my ever expanding closet. Getting rid of the closet orphans and less-than-stellar quality stuff. So there's been some self-esteem and clothing loathing going on.

I'm not really sure why I'm posting this, maybe to get some insight, maybe just to explain my absence. I'm hoping to continue posting OOTDs, but I apologize if the wardrobe is small and heavily remixed. I hope to keep things interesting, but if I do fall off on posting daily, feel free to drop me an email or find me over on Twitter (@MeganMaeDaily)

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Double Up

Suede Jacket - Danier, gift from Sheila
Dress - Vintage
Tights - MP, sockdreams
Boots - Natacha, ebay
Necklace - swap with Sparkle Park Designs

The first outfit didn't last long - I felt really under the weather on Wednesday. I managed to get a picture of it, but it quickly turned into a 'double plaid' day where I hopped into my mismatched pajamas and crawled back into bed.

Dress - Moschino, etsy
Tee - Esprit, thrifted
Jeans - Levi, thrifted
Earrings - gifted
Army Flats - Trippen

This look lasted a little longer, carrying me to a few errands. I've been hunting the perfect trench dress. I think I've found a winner in this moschino one. Perfect neutral, mid weight fabric, nicely placed pockets. I'm not sure how it'll be worn solely on its own, but I think it is long enough to be comfortable. If not, it's still a perfect layering piece.

Talking about Big Thrifting Adventures - I've been admittedly more and more reserved about my purchasing habits, but my brain spiraled out of control when I found this. It's a Sherlock Coat!!! The herringbone wool fabric caught my eye, and I kept saying "no way it will fit" but sure enough it's a perfect fit through the shoulders and sleeve length. Hitting nearly to my ankles, which I love - LOVE long coats. It's probably too close to spring to wear it until next cold season, but for $9 I couldn't leave it behind. 

The best part to me is that the label said "Made in the USA".  I'm not only sticking to my Secondhand pledge, but managing to stick to buying US made goods. 

I also picked up a "sherlock wallpaper" printed blouse, but it's already been popped into the washer so pics to come later for that.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Clean 'er up

Tee - Gap, thrifted
Skirt - made by Tamera, gift
Harness - Audra Jean, etsy
Ride boots - Cydwoq

I got all gussied up to go check out a new boot and leather repair shop. I ebay'd an incredible pair of chelsea  Frye boots for an absolute steal. I was prepared for taking them to the shop. I was right when they arrived, they needed just a little TLC. The repair guy gushed over how good of a deal I got and told me the boots would last forever if I took care of them.

I'm super pumped though because I could never get a pair of Frye boots broken in. I've owned two pairs before, a pair of heeled boots and a pair of the 8R harness. The leathers are built to last. But the pair I ebayed were nice and squishy, right at that good comfortable point. Once they're fixed up, they'll be my go-to pair I already know.

However I'm wearing my current favorite pair of boots. My Cydwoqs! I'm happy to show these off to the leather guy. I browsed around at the vintage cowboy boots too, but sadly, my tootsies were too small for any they had.

Do you get your shoes repaired or resoled? Have you got a "shoe guy"?

Monday, February 18, 2013

Off Shoulder

Sweater - The limited, thrifted
Jeans - The limited, thrifted
Sneakers - Arche, ebay
Headscarf - gift from Ana

I needed absolute comfort today, so I went off shoulder to keep the tats happy. Thankfully the weather was sunny and warm, if a bit windy. I'll also let you guys in on a secret! The Hanes Bandini bra. I needed something that was more comfortable than my current strapless, which is great, but the underwire, ugh. The Bandini bra is basically a strip of nylon (yuck) that has straps cut out of it, which you can either wear down, or up, or one up, one down. Similar to a bandeau, but with optional straps that don't come off. They also come two to a pack. 

There are a number of pros and cons with it. For example, I wear a 32D and had to buy the L size to not feel incredibly squished, so fit may be an issue, but they do stretch. They carry them at places that sell Hanes, come two to a pack for like $10 or so. This isn't a sponsored post, just a recent discovery that I paid for with my own dollahs as a omg-I-need-comfort thing. I was pretty impressed at a multi-way bra that actually worked and wanted to share my discovery since a lot of people don't talk underroos and goshdarnit that's hard info to come by.

Also new shots of the tattoos! I had the DH take them outside for clearer colors. I had the word 'know' on my back done over in a darker blue than the rest because it faded the worst and I liked that it gave a bolded effect.

The L and O in Luceo had also faded out quite a bit, but every letter in both tats got a going over. Resaturating the black and blue. Overall I'm still puffy and bruised, had more scabbing than I did last time, but hopefully the ink is in there good now.

Post touch up, 2 days later

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sensitive Saturday

First time done
Really long story short, I got my tattoos touched up. My mom went for her's and offered to pay to get mine touched up. They had faded a bit and some of the letters were very thin/disappearing. I don't take ink well evidently. The tattoos look totally refreshed and brilliant, especially the back one. But I'm very sore.

I actually passed out.

Tattoos are wounds, and thus - blood. Apparently seeing my own blood, I lost my brain and went for a 2-3 minute pass-out session that scared the pants off my mom, the artist, and the other guy in the room. I think the artist felt bad for me. I kept trying to tell him I was okay! that I just shouldn't look. But passing out with no meds or alcohol in your system tends to freak people out. But I stuck through it and got them finished because I wasn't missing out on getting everything touched up.

First time done
Guys, don't look. If you get a tattoo - don't look. If you get blood drawn or get pierced, DON'T LOOK. Especially if you're like me and tend towards a low blood pressure and high anxiety. Tends to make you go belly up. Or sideways.

I am happy to have everything refreshed and re-inked. But I think further tattoos go on the back burner for now. I think I have my sights set on Wendy Brandes *jewelry as my next vice. Just as permanent, hella less painful.

I'll have some post-touch up photos taken tomorrow I hope. Really they look closer to the 'freshly done' ones the first time around. They had just healed in a very faded way.

*Not a sponsored link - Just really love her stuff.

Friday, February 15, 2013


Sweater - etsy
Skirt - Club Monaco, thrifted
Star socks - gift from Lynne!
Tetra flats - Trippen
Star earrings - gift

Happy Happy Friday!! Hope you all enjoyed your commercial day of candy and hearts and stuff. I spent mine curled up in pajamas with the latest episode of Grey's Anatomy and reruns of Law and Order SVU.  Long story short, our car decided to blow up (a hose burst) on Thursday, so any plans flew out the window. I still had a good day overall, and our little clunker is back up and running this afternoon, but boy does life sure like to throw me for a loop!

I didn't let it get me down. I'm still dancing today. Extra so because I'm thrilled to find out my hair looks a lot like the lovely Miss Cyndi Lauper a la Time After Time. However I'm pleased my hubby does NOT react negatively as her bf in the video does. Lol!

If you are like me and aren't up on your 80s music, you may remember the lovely Miss Lauper as Avalon the psychic on Bones.

Guys, do you see these socks!?! OMG these are so awesome. My starry heart flies!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Heart on My Sleeve

 Dress - Vintage
Heart pin - gift from Sheila
Jeans - thrifted
Quick boots - Trippen

Happy Pre-Valentine's Day!!!! It got just cold enough for me to pull this dress out once more, and rock it with my anatomical heart pin. Couldn't be more perfect for Valentine's. I'm also going to submit this look to Tamera's birthday e-party.

Okay I see you looking... Yes I finally shaved my head!!! The local great clips was having a $7 hair cut sale. I don't know how you can have sales on a haircut, but I didn't complain. I just walked in and asked them to zip it off into a mohawk! I love it, I love it, I love it! 

It's far from being traditionally pretty, but all things considered - I'm far from a traditional duck. I almost got rid of my long-piece, but the girl who did the 'do suggested I leave it. It's weird how cutting OFF my hair makes me feel more feminine or maybe it makes me feel edgy enough to balance sweeter looks. I only wish I had the patience to spike everything up.

I'm also really grateful to my loving husband who supports me doing all sorts of crazy crazy things. Since we are talking the Day of Love - I'm throwing out a big bunch of love to him and every single one of my friends. I love you guys! Thanks for continuing to support me.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Tee - Simply Vera
Jacket - Copper Key, thrifted
Jeans - The Limited, thrifted
Tetra flats - Trippen

Simple, Me. Today I wasn't necessarily planning on posting a blog outfit, but I felt really cute in this. I don't know if the pictures came through, but I, at least, felt good in it.

"A painter told me that nobody could draw a tree without in some sort becoming a tree; or draw a child by studying the outlines of its form merely... but by watching for a time his motions and plays, the painter enters into his nature and can then draw him at every attitude." --- Ralph Waldo Emerson

I'm also joining Robin and her blazer mission!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Another Monday

Jacket - thrifted
Dress - Dzhavael Couture
Tights - Foot Traffic
Army Flats - Trippen
Necklace - gift from Lynne

Another mad Monday, where I'm already sick of this week and it just started. I'll admit, I splurged a bit and bought myself lunch, wore a new dress even though it was kind of too cold for it, and came home to read blogs and attempt to catch up on the growing list of want-to-read.

I need to learn to say 'no' more and stop confusing mania with actual energy. Stop taking on more than I can handle, finish the projects I've already started, and stop shopping. I'm trying to figure out how to condense somethings and take some off my plate.

Speaking of shopping - the dress. A new-to-me brand, and a new-but-second hand piece. I'm terribly in love and wish I had better skills at completing actual clothing. I want this dress a thousand times over in different fabrics. The 'grey' material is actually very thin stripes, so I've got triple stripes!

I came across a pile of quotations this weekend. I guess at some point I cut them out and meant to do something with them. So I think I'll share them this week. I have no idea if they're actually credited to the author I have listed or not, but they gave me little things to think about:

"Creativity comes from trust. Trust your instincts. And never hope more than you work."
--Rita Mae Brown

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Sew Saturday: Pin Up (And a Recipe)

I've been gifted a lot of brooches and pins over the holiday season. I wanted to show where all my pins end up! This is my favorite tote bag, sushi-neko with a skull patch. Pins include: Star Trek pins gifted by Debbi, Canada pins gifted by Sheila, A phantom of the Opera pin gifted by my MIL, DS giveaway pin, Fluevog pin gifted by Lynne, I care pin gifted by Hillary, Kuroneko pin from a convention.

I'm a forgetful accessorizer, so I add all my pins to this tote, which always gets a big response when I carry it. It's not quite a sewing project, but I did add the skull patch myself.

Also I wanted to share a tasty recipe. It's been DH approved, which is rare. So I consider this an easy fix for a picky eater. Sorry for no picture, these sandwiches usually get scarfed down super quick! So if that's any indication of tasty, I hope you'll give it a try.

Chicken Hummus Panini
Shredded chicken
Tablespoon of hummus
Muenster cheese
Bread of your choice
Butter (optional)
Green onion (optional)

Mix hummus with shredded chicken. Add in green onion or other tasty toppings, assemble sandwich, press with panini press, george foreman grill or grab a hot skillet and flip!

This is a perfect lunch or easy dinner to use up leftover chicken. If I don't have any leftovers, I'll toss a couple of chicken tenderloins (2 per sandwich or 1 chicken breast) into a pot of hot water with a general seasoning blend to boil until tender enough to shred.

I like using vegetable or red roasted pepper hummus, but plain, garlic, or even chipotle is a great way to play with the flavor balance of the sandwich. Hummus is also an excellent and healthier option to a mayonnaise or other spread. It gives a big flavor punch. I like adding green onion, but adding bell pepper, celery, tomato, all sorts of veggies can pad out this sandwich to give you more bang for your buck. You could even skip the chicken part entirely and make a hummus pressed sandwich!

Muenster cheese is an awesome melting cheese that's very mild (US based kind), and it holds the sandwich together well. I opt for oat bread and no butter to keep things a little healthier, but choose whatever you like best.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Be A Man

Oh Boy! I'm never one to back down from a challenge. The lovely Ally of Shybiker challenged fashion bloggers to switch it up, instead of rockin' our lady styles to raid our male-people's closets and try dressing in masculine form. Of course, I already steal from the DH's closet, especially when in need of something oversized or comfortable. He's just enough bigger than me that I can steal his clothes, but still wear most of them.

So I decided to rock the boy style. Muted colors, a hat, tough boots, buttons done all the way up. The way the DH used to dress before I got hold of his closet and started adding color, pattern, texture, and by God, FIT!!! Everything except the shoes belongs to the DH.

My biggest thing is how much warmer all men's clothing is. Fabrics are better, sturdy. And they are very very comfortable. No pulling or tugging anything into place. I've done the boy's clothes thing a lot. A very very good friend of mine with a biologically female body identifies as male (transgender). I was friends with him before he transitioned, and a few times dressed up in male clothes as a way of helping him feel more comfortable being in public as a male.

As Ally speaks about in her post, people do react differently to you when they identify you as a different gender. For people wanting this to happen, it's referred to as "passing". My slim stature and fairly neutral face make passing a fairly easy achievement for me. A simple darkening of my eyebrows, removing my feminine glasses and tucking the longer bits of hair away, and I could pass for a 13 year old boy.

What do you think of Spencer McKenzie? Would you watch his fashion blog? Or I suppose food blog because LOOK AT MAH GRILL!

Or should I just stick to being Megan Mae?

Scarf - thrifted
Skirt - Gap, thrifted
Tee - Bamboo traders, thrifted
Tights - Asos
Boots - Trippen

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Wondrous Wednesday

Shirt - Esprit, thrifted
Skirt - thrifted
Flats - Cydwoq Logic
Hat - gift
Buttonflower - MMD

I've really been obsessed with these sort of looks. Mink browns and greys, soft flowing, slouch hats. Normally things like this swallow me, but I think the light fabric, striped panels, and colors all work well enough on me. Even though this style is quite a bit different than my usual, I still think it suits me. Maybe it all hinges on this skirt? Do you have any pieces that you feel are a corner stone for your style?

I also love how the scoop neck of the shirt shows off my tattoo! I'm still giddy every time I see them.

I am love love loving! the sunshine right now. I still needed a jacket, and it's going to get cold again, but I'm looking for any excuse to run outside for 5 minute SAD relieving sessions. 

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Hints of Spring

Shirt - thrifted
Skirt - Smoking Lily, gift from Sheila
Tights - FootTraffic
Boots - Natacha, ebay

Sunshine and no need for a coat. Hints of spring are on the way! I knew I needed to get in gear and wear some more of my colder-weather based outfits before it warms up too much. This velvet-esque top is by far one of my fav prints, and the smoking lily skirt seemed like a perfect way to pair up the shirt.

Speaking of Smoking Lily, I got two packages of goodies in the mail including a smoking lily pouch, anatomical heart felt pin and Canada pins from the lovely Sheila! PS Can you guess what I'm wearing for Valentine's Day?

Also I now have the sexiest tape dispenser in the whole wide world courtesy of the fabulous Ally. I may not be able to rock the heels, but this one is functional AND fashionable.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Visible Monday

 Sweater - Jones Sport, thrifted
Skirt - Focus 2000, thrifted
Ride Boots - Cydwoq
Necklace - Tiffany&Co., gift from Mom

Hello Monday! Whoa what a weekend. Even missing the art crawl this month, I still managed to squeak in a little time at the Super Saturday sale. I stumbled across this melon colored skirt. It was so swishy. My recent success with a maxi skirt meant I had to give this skirt a shot. It was a bit cool for a wintery day, but the sweater and tall boots had me warm enough.

I'll definitely enjoy this skirt more when summer comes, airy cotton is my favorite! And apparently pink is becoming a prominent color for me this year.

And since this skirt felt totally visible, I'm linking up with the fabulous Patti and her Visible Monday.

And also I want to give a big shout-out to blog sister, Lynne, because her birthday was yesterday! Go wish her lots of happy years!

Friday, February 1, 2013

I'm breaking up

Sweater - All Saints
Star Necklace - gift from Lynne
Jeans - American eagle, gift from Mom
Jacket - Copper Key, thrifted (99cents!!)
Quick Boots - Trippen

...with my All Saints sweater. My beloved, starry dip dyed sweater. Sorry mohair, you and I just can't be friends. Even layered up, this thing drives me nuts! Especially on my tattoo'd skin (through cotton!!) So I gave it one last go around. Any suggestions on what to do with a too-itchy, but uber cute sweater? (up for grabs if anyone cares for mohair and stars)

I've learned my lesson a million times over, buy in person because I know I'm fabric sensitive. Online shopping is lots of fun, but I gotta touch things before I buy.

 Dress - All Saints, gift from Megan
Cashmere sweater - thrifted
Belt - lauren ralph lauren
Tights - SockDreams
Quick Boots - Trippen
After an itchy Thursday, I decided to wear cashmere instead. The temperatures dropped really fast (thus why we had severe winds), and we got snow and freezing rain. I couldn't force myself into another pair of trousers, so I just bundled up as much as humanly possible. Bright tights really do make my heart sing, especially when paired with my bright blue new coat.

Which I've taken to calling my Violet Beauregarde coat because it does make me feel rather like a blueberry... but alas, Color does help one get through the day, amirite?

(PS excuse the wrinkles, I have been sitting in classes all afternoon)